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John McDevitt, Walnutport, PA

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State Highway Department of Pennsylvania

Motor Vehicle Registration Records


Pennsylvania motor vehicle registration records still exist for some years.  Unfortunately for those years that exist, many records are missing sections, and are therefore incomplete.  Note the thumbnail images below are linked to large jpg files.  In order to retain as much of the image quality as possible the larger jpg images have only been cropped but the image content has not been reduced.  They may load slowly depending on your connection speed.  Once the page loads you may need to zoom in or enlarge the screen or image to see all of the detail.





Some records exist but starting and ending records are missing.





Passenger Registrations, first page


Passenger Registrations, last page


Motorcycle Registrations, first page


Motorcycle Registrations, last page


Dealer Registrations, first page






1920 Passenger, Title page


Pneumatic-Tired Registrations, first page

Registrations 1 to 42


Pneumatic-Tired Registrations

Registrations 983 to 1149


Pneumatic-Tired Registrations

Registrations 1150 to 1287



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