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2/25/2024 Posting

The Plate of the Week award goes to John Clark for spotting this RARE Mayflower Descendant plate. In order to quality for one of these plates, you must have your lineage verified, so I don't expect a ton of these to be issued.

John Clark also sends in this new high for the Waynesburg University type. This college is located in the southwest part of the state - shockingly enough in Waynesburg, PA. Their plate program started in 2012 so about 8 plates are issued per year, on average. For all current highs, be sure to check out the Highs page!

Here's another high for the week, this time from Bruce Sakson for the McDonald Volunteer Fire Company plate type. This fire company is located in the southwest suburbs of Pittsburgh and their plate program has been around since 2012, meaning about 5 plates are issued every year.

John Kerestes spotted this blue base Emergency Medical Services plate. According to a 2004 bulletin from the PA Department of Health, one must be "associated with EMS organizations such as a quick response servive (QRS), licensed ambulance service, or emergency department." This type started in 1985.

Last but not least, we have this beautiful low-number 1919 Passenger plate from Jeff Lesher. The highest number observed for 1919 is 449444 - click the link for more information!

2/18/2024 Posting

LEGISLATION UPDATE: House Bill 73, which would authorize new "Operation Inherent Resolve" license plates, is now in the Senate. Most recently, the bill received final passage in the House on October 30, 2023, and is now in the Senate where it received first consideration on February 7, 2024. You can see any plate-related legislation news at the Legislation page, linked here.

John McDevitt sends in this prototype image of what appears to be a State Police Motorcycle plate. This represents the first time in the history of the PA State Police that such tags have been issued. More to come on these!

Matt Ciecka shares his latest collecting find with us, an Antique Motorcycle plate in very nice condition. As of this post, the current high for this type is 053A0, which means that 00000 - 09999 were issued, then 000A0 - 053A0 (and counting).

Here's a personalized Autism Society of America plate, spotted by Avery Merz. This is a "first-of" image for this site. This plate costs $50, plus another $104 to personalize. Click here to order one!

Instagram user "mg64" snapped this picture of letter "I". Single letters are tough to spot in the wild but it's always fun when you do see one. These are technically vanity plates and follow the same rules and pricing as other vanity plates. Thanks to Instagram user "pl8thry" for sending to me. To see if a vanity plate is available, check out PennDOT's "Personalized Registration Plate Availability" tool, linked here.

2/11/2024 Posting

In January 2023, Jordan Irazabal took over the reigns of the website with John McDevitt maintaining creative control and being the primary media editor. At the time the reigns were handed over, the goal was to convert the entire website to a new design, but to also bring the underlying code into the current generation. We are pleased to announce that the website conversion is now complete. Please take a look around and enjoy the new look and features, including clicking "(history)" under any type name to see the entire history for each type. As always, please submit pictures to our email address (listed on the Contact page) and/or on the Keystone State Plates page on Facebook.

Allen Minch sends in this "first-of" picture of the new The Colebrookdale Railroad plate type. This type was announced in July 2023 but it appears that the first plate was issued in January 2024. This organization is located in Boyertown. This plate costs $42, plus an additional $128 to personalize, as seen in this picture. Message them through their Facebook page to order one!

Brayden Harnish shares this picture of this hot-off-the-press Organ Donors Save Lives plate, which is also a new high! This type started in 2004, which means 111 plates are ordered per year, on average. For all current highs, be sure to check out the Highs page!

Here's a personalized U.S. Military Airborne Units plate, spotted by Fred Gardner. Nick Tsilakis previously spotted this one as well. This type started in 2013 and is available to veterans or active duty members of this unit. Click here to order one, cost is $26 for a numbered plate, plus an additional $128 to personalize.

The last post for this week is a fun one: a 1955 YOM plate! YOM stands for "Year of Manufacture" and the term is used when the vinage of the plate matches the vintage of the car. In other words, this is a 1955 plate on a 1955 car. YOM plates are authorized in Pennsylvania from 1906 - 1976, any plate type may be used, and registration is required (click here to learn more). This was spotted in Greenwood, Delaware by Noah Foster.

2/4/2024 Posting

Here's a type that is seldom spotted: Hearing Impaired. In order to qualify for this plate, your doctor must certify that you are indeed hearing impaired, but you do not get any special parking privileges! If you want to order one of these plates for your car, here is the link to the PennDOT form. Thanks to John McDevitt for the picture.

Avery Merz spotted this picture of a new Truck high. There has been some speculation on what the next serial format will be once ZZZ-9999 is reached. Some people think, 0000-YBA, others think YBA-000A. Head to Keystone State Plates on Facebook to chat about this and other PA plate-related topics! For all current highs, be sure to check out the Highs page!

Here's a personalized University of Pittsburgh plate, courtesy of Mike Natale. This type started in 1988 on the blue base.

Here's another high, this time from Bruce Bufalini for the Permanent Trailer plate type. This type started in 1997 on the blue base and is typically issued to semi trailers.

Mike Sells shares this awesome pair of pictures of a 1911 Passenger plate. The highest number known for 1911 is 44272, and plates were made with a beveled edge starting at 31000. Some numbers under 31000 are known with beveled edges; those are believed to be replacement plates. Click the link for more info!