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4/14/2024 Posting

The Plate of the Week award goes to John Clark for this "first-of" shot of the new Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine plate. This plate was announced in 2022 but the first plate was observed in 2024. This college is located in Erie. Great shot, John!

Then and now. These two Classic Car/Vehicle plates represent the first plate issued dating back to 1977 from Clayton Moore, and the most recent plate spotted by Richard Than, a new high. The "C" prefix was added in 2004 after the series hit 99999. Then the graphic base was added in 2013. All variations of this plate are still in use today. For all current highs, be sure to check out the Highs page!

Mike Alfonse spotted this personalized New Car Dealer plate. Starting in October 2022, all Dealer plates were redesigned and replaced; businesses which had any of the various Dealer types were required to hand in their existing plates once the new ones were sent to them. This is a "first-of" image for this site.

This quartet of pictures comes from John Clark, all schools and all new highs!
Cathedral Preparatory School
Ohio State Alumni
Ridley School District
Villanova University

Lastly, we have a new high for the Apportioned plate type, spotted by John McDevitt. Apportioned plates started in 1982 at AA-00000 on the yellow base, using AA thru now AH across four bases (AC was skipped).

4/7/2024 Posting

The Plate of the Week award goes to Mike Alfonse for this "first-of" shot of the new National Guard plate. Active Duty plates came out in 2017, all with the "A/D" suffix and the 90000 block being reserved for National Guard, but it's thought that the National Guard type wasn't issued immediately since there were still plates from the N/G 0000 series in PennDOT's inventory to be distributed. Naturally, this is also a new high too! For all current highs, be sure to check out the Highs page!

Koby Vinokor sends this incredible 1909 Pittsburgh plate. The city of Pittsburgh issued plates in 1908 and 1909 and both years had two varities: one-seat cars and two-seat cars! For 1909, white-on-brown plates were for one-seaters and white-on-pale green plates were for two-seaters. Pittsburgh plates are incredibly scarce in collectors' hands. Thank you to Eric Taylor's PorcelainPlates.net website for the info!

Here's another "first-of", a personalized Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue plate with the map outline. Yours truly spotted this one.

Here's another high from Mike Alfonse, this one for the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. plate type. This type came out in 2006, which means that about 17 plates are issued each year, on average.

Last this week we have yet another variation of a D.A.R.E. sample, sent in by Devan Ciemiewicz. Check out the link to see the others!

3/31/2024 Posting - Happy Easter! 🐣

John Clark sends in this picture of a William Penn Charter School plate. It's a new plate but NOT a new high. As you will read in the History page (click the link above or click "(history)" under the type name in the All Plates & Highs page), this type originally issued numbers by 10 instead of 1. This type started in 2006 but it's likely that this is the first time that number 20003 was issued.

John Clark also sends in this picture of a Albright College plate, which IS a new high! This type started in 2005 which means that about 8 plates are issued per year, on average. For all current highs, be sure to check out the Highs page!

Here's another high, this one for the Official Use - Pennsylvania State Police plate type. Starting in 2017, PennDOT started breaking out Official Use plates into specific agencies, starting with a type specifically for PennDOT vehicles, then Turnpike Commission (2018), and then PA State Police (2022).

John Clark shares this image of a blue base Circus-Carnival Truck plate, which surprisingly is a high for this format! This type started in 1990 on the blue base and fees are half of a Truck registration since these plates are only valid for half the year!

Rounding out this week, we have a personalized National Police Defense Foundation plate. This is a "first-of" for this site (personalized on the map outline format). Thanks to Ryan Duffy for the picture.

3/24/2024 Posting

LEGISLATION UPDATE: Senate Bill 915, which would waive replacement fees for veteran license plates, passed in the Senate on March 19, 2024. The bill now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration and is expected to pass and eventually become law. You can see any plate-related legislation news at the Legislation page, linked here. Click here to read more about Senate Bill 915.

Bruce Bufalini sends in this picture of a Washington & Jefferson College plate. This type has historically been a tough one to find in the wild, so any picture of one is a welcome addition to this site! It's also the first one observed with the map outline AND it's also a new high! For all current highs, be sure to check out the Highs page!

Here's another high, this one for the Ohio State Alumni plate type. Like the Washington & Jefferson plate above, it's also the first one observed with a map outline. Thanks to Ben Vaughn for the picture!

John McDevitt found this awesome picture (left) of a 1920 Motorcycle plate. Back in this era, plate length varied by the number of characters in the serial. In 1920, Motorcycle plates were 4 1/2" x 6" for numbers 1-999, and 4 1/2" x 8" for numbers 1000 and above. Plate number 2008 is shown to illustrate the difference in size. Both pictures are from Worthpoint.com.

Finally this week, we have a personalized Commonwealth Constables Association plate, yet another "first" for this site, both because it's personalized and it has a map outline. Thanks to the anonymous contributor!