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7/14/2024 Posting


On July 9, Governor Shapiro announced that Pennsylvania license plates would be redesigned to commemorate the 250th birthday of the United States. These plates will be available for order starting Spring 2025 and will become the standard issue once inventory of the current design is depleted. This will be the new design for all plates, including Military, Specialty, Special Organization, and Special Fund. Thank you to Stephen Caruso on Twitter for the first two pictures (on a Suburban belonging to the Executive branch) and PennDOT for the third picture. You can expect this new design to hit the streets in the second half of 2025. What do you think of the new design? Check out "Keystone State Plates" on Facebook to join the conversation.

LEGISLATION UPDATE: (1) Senate Bill 916, mentioned last week, which authorizes a Pennsylvania Sportsman plate, was signed into law on July 8 and will take effect on or about September 6, 2024. (2) House Bill 2301 authorizes special plates for recipients of Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, removes 12/31/2025 expiration of Distracted Driving Awareness Plate, authorizes Women Veteran Motorcycle Plate, Honoring Women Veteran Motorcycle Plate, Women Veteran Plate, Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal (B prefix or suffix). The bill was presented to the Governor on July 9, 2024, it is awaiting his signature. You can see any plate-related legislation news at the Legislation page, linked here.

Brayden Harnish sends in this new high for the Sports Car Club of America plate type. This type came out in 2005 which means that about 11 plates are issued each year (less than one per month). For all current highs, be sure to check out the Highs page!

Clayton Moore shares this awesome picture of a 1938 Motorcycle sample plate. Check out the linked page to see the complete history for Motorcycle plates!

Matt Boyer sends in this picture of a personalized Holy Family University plate. This is the first such image for this website - thanks Matt!

7/7/2024 Posting

LEGISLATION UPDATE: House Bill 73, now Act 36, which authorizes an Operation Inherent Resolve Veterans plate, has been passed by the House and Senate and signed into law by the Governor on July 1. It authorizes a veteran of the military intervention against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, encompassing campaigns in Iraq, Syria and Libya, plus $26, to receive a plate which may be used only on a passenger car or truck with a gross weight of not more than 14,000 pounds. Senate Bill 916 authorizes a Pennsylvania Sportsman plate. This appears to be a Special Fund plate, which means that proceeds from the sale of the plate support a state trust fund - in this case, it supports the Youth Hunting and Fishing Restricted Account. This bill was presented to the Governor on July 3 and he is expected to sign the bill into law very soon. The law will be effective in 120 days from the signing of the bill. You can see any plate-related legislation news at the Legislation page, linked here.

John Clark shares this perfect image of a fairly uncommon specialty type: Delaware County Fallen Firefighter & EMS Memorial Committee. this type started in 2013, which means that about 3.5 plates are issued every year. Not only does it have one of the longest plate legends of any PA plate, it's also a new high! For all current highs, be sure to check out the Highs page!

Here's another new high, this one from Steve Miller for the Pennsylvania Hunting Heritage plate type. According to ABC27 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ranked 4th nationwide in antlered deer harvest and 3rd in the antlered harvest per-square mile according to a 2023 National Deer Association report.

Clayton Moore shares this picture of a 1920 Motorbike plate, a first for this site. This plate type started in 1920 and ended after 1949, and was resurrected in 1977 as Moped.

Last up this week we have a new high for the Honoring Our Women Veterans plate type from Richard Than. This type started in 2019 and the first 100 were reserved (not all have been issued yet) which means that about 40 plates are issued per year.

6/30/2024 Posting - Happy Independence Day!

When validation stickers stopped being required starting in 2017, PennDOT decided to add a graphic of the outline of the Commonwealth in place of the sticker well. Some low-issuance types (mostly special organization plates) had plates where there was no sticker well but also no map outline. The reason for this is unknown, but it's likely that PennDOT over-produced certain plates and they are still sitting in their inventory, waiting to be issued. High-issuance types did not experience this and went from sticker wells to map outlines. These two East Allen Township Volunteer Fire Department plates are examples of the sticker well-less, map outline-less plates. It is expected that this type will receive a map outline soon. Thanks to John Clark for the picture on the left, and to Greg Brutshea for the picture on the right.

Here's a picture of a plate with the aforementioned map outline, and a new high for the Pittsburgh Central Catholic plate type. Thank you to John Clark for the picture. For all current highs, be sure to check out the Highs page!

Brayden Harnish shares this picture of a Moped Dealer plate. This particular base was used from 1979 through 1999 and revalidated with stickers. The "PA0000" on the sticker indicates that this number was first issued in the year printed on the sticker - in this case, 1979. This is also a new high for this base, see the link for more information!

Moravian College is now Moravian University, and their plates have been updated accordingly. In addition to the name change, the star logo has also been revised - see the picture on the right for comparison. Thanks to John McDevitt for the information and prototype picture, and thanks to John Clark for the picture on the right.

Brandon Sowers shares these pictures of a 1912 Passenger plate on a beautiful 1912 Auburn 30L. Pennsylvania allows "YOM" ("Year of Manufacture") plates, where you can use plates from the year the car was manufactured, available for cars/plates from 1906 to 1976. To apply to do this, fill out and submit a Form MV-11V. Click the pictures for larger versions!

6/23/2024 Posting

The Plate of the Week award goes to our own John McDevitt for his spot of this "first-of" LVHN MedEvac plate. This site reported on May 12, 2024 that this was a new type, and about five weeks later the first live one was spotted. Thanks John!

Here's a type that is seldom spotted in the wild: Motorcycle Dealer. About nine months ago, PennDOT redesigned all of the Dealer types (including a new serial format for each plate type), issued the new plates to dealers, and recalled the old plates. This is the second sighting of this type submitted to this site on the redesigned base. For all current highs, be sure to check out the Highs page!

Bill Koneski shares this high-quality picture of an Official Use (Non-Commercial) plate. These plates are issued to passenger vehicles owned by the Commonwealth. As the name implies, there is also a Commercial variant - see more on that type here.

Tim Gierschick sends in this picture of quite an interesting sight... a trio of 1915 Passenger plates. Back in these days, plates were issued in pairs. Our best guess is that a replacement plate was requested for some unknown reason.

Lastly, here's a great picture of the redesigned Mansfield University plate from John Clark. According to this site, this type received a refreshed logo back in 2021. Great spot, John!