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5/22/2022 Posting

New organizational plate types, especially from colleges, seems to have almost stopped, then Williamson College of the Trades decided to get into the game.  They are located near Media, PA.  Plate check indicates that they have 10 serial numbered plates on the street.  The sample photo came from their website.


Here's the latest Passenger high as reported by Tom Castelli.  Although Bill Stephens reports LYP-7800, no photo.

Keep up to date with all the latest highs with the Highs page

Some plate watchers are wondering when the Passenger MBA- series will hit the street.





This is a personalized Combat Action Badge plate recently spotted by Jeff Lesher.  Not going to guess the meaning.  This plate is part of a series of 5 combat-related plates dating back to 2014 all using the C/O suffix.  Newer plates have the map outline.


The far left photo shows a personalized U.S. Military Airborne Units plate.  The photo is thanks to Arthur Levine.

The near left plate may look like a normal serial number U.S. Marine Corps Veteran plate but it's actually a personalized plate since the current high is 14243M/C.  The photo is thanks to Bruce Bufalini.

Check out the remainder of this week's vanity & personalized plates.


Here's another from the Combat Action series, this one being a Combat Action Ribbon plate.  While it's not a new high, it does help lower the starting point for the map outline.  Thanks to Drew Steitz for the photo.



Here is a new high Rosedale Technical College, formerly Rosedale Technical Institute.  This plate is the first to be spotted without a sticker well.  The image is thanks to Bruce Bufalini.



Here's a brand new Porsche Club of America plate.  This plate type dates back to 2002, and a few years later when some organizations made the transition to the graphic style plate on the visitPA base, the Porsche Club choose to stay with the original design.


Here is a very nice low number 1955 Motorcycle plate.  Thanks to Drew Steitz for the photo.  That year saw two serial formats, 1 to 9999, followed by A to S38.



Here is an extraordinarily nice 1954 Passenger plate from Michael Vislocky.  This plate was from a late end of year run and was part of what I call Format 14 which ran from D00A0 to M51B7.  Plates measured 6" x 10".



This is an unusual 1936 Official Use Only plate.  These plates were part of a block of passenger series of numbers from 31-001 to 32-000.  Unlike 6" by 12" passenger plates, these plates measure 6" by 15".  Thanks to Clayton Moore for the photo.



This very rare 1917 Tractor Dealer plate was recently acquired by Clayton Moore.  Quite a find Clayton!  The TX prefix indicated Tractor Dealer and was used from 1916 through 1930.  A photo of TX12 is also shown by clicking the link above. 

Photos or information about Tractor Dealer plates from 1920, 1921, 1923, 1927 and 1929 are needed.  Also photos and information from 1931 to the early 1950s is almost non-existent.


5/15/2022 Posting

First of its kind!  Arthur Levine spotted this never-before-seen Presidential Service Badge plate.  These came about through legislation which amended the vehicle code in February of 2019.  This tag is considered a veterans' plate.  Qualified individuals can purchase using form MV-150.  Several other plates were authorized at the same time, with no plates spotted to date.  These include Legion of Merit and Soldier’s Medal.  Also Veterans of an Allied Foreign Country with one personalized plate spotted.


Here's a new high U. S. Air Force Veteran plate thanks to Bruce Bufalini.



We've seen a steady stream of new high School Bus plates over the past month.  This latest is thanks to Bill Young.



Here's a new high Limousine plate.  The previous high was LM-31017.



This new high Motor Home plate from Bill Stephens.  The serial number took quite a jump from the previous high.  It's also nearing the end of the HH series.  The next series will be HJ-00000.  Trivia question: Do you recall the original prefix of the first series of such plates?  Answer: It was HC which stood for House Car, later changed to Motor Home around HD-42000.


Here is the lowest number Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. plate spotted so far, thanks to Bill Young.  On the other end of the spectrum, the high is 00253D/S.



Certainly not one you see every day.  This Marshall University Alumni plate was spotted by Nick Tsilakis.  Marshall is located in Huntington, WV.  The series high on the plate is 00030M/U.



You would not expect to see a personalized School Vehicle plate as spotted by Bill Stephens.  Legal? Absolutely, many plate types are now available to be personalized.  Some others include Taxi, Commercial Implement of Husbandry, Implement of Husbandry, Farm Truck, Hearing Impaired, Press Photographer, Apportioned Truck (<14,000 lb.), and all 11 Dealer types, and Emergency Vehicle to name some.  Also Antique, Classic, etc.


Want to see more vanities & personalized plates?  Check out this week's photos on the Vanity Page.


While this is not quite a new high, it is an interesting number.  The Preserve Our Heritage - Railroad plate dates back to 1988, and is the only remaining full graphic PA plate.  It still retains the sticker well, and is not available for personalization.  Thanks to Chris Delbuono for the image.


This early Antique Motorcycle plate is an example of the last series of plates with the narrow bolt holes.  It is unknown if this serial progression extended into L00, M00 or N00 series.  Photo from Worthpoint.  Anyone have a plate or a photo from those series?


This Antique Motorcycle plate is an example of the first series of plates with the wide bolt holes.  And similar to the question above, we don't know at what point the previous series ended, and therefore, we don't know where this series began.  Photo from Worthpoint.


5/8/2022 Posting

I want to note that there has been such a strong response to tracking highs, that it has been a challenge to post them all.  At the same time Jordan is listing them on the new highs page.

If it were your choice, which would you choose?  Personally I like the older pre-family of plates look for Severely Disabled Veteran tag.  It has a more patriotic look in my opinion.  Anyway, there is no choice, since late 2021 all Severely Disabled Veteran plates will have the new look.  The far left plate credit goes to Bruce Bufalini, new plate is thanks to Brandon Sowers.  (It may be worth mentioning that those few vehicles using double plates due to a device on the rear of the vehicle for carrying a wheelchair or personal assistive device are authorized to use two plates that are still coming from the older series.)


Here is a new high Combat Wounded Veteran or Purple Heart plate, now with the map outline.  The previous high was P/H10472 which had no sticker well.  These plates are ordered in batches of 100, so the addition of the map could have been at 10500, 10600 or 10700.  Thanks to Matt Ciecka for the photo.


Here's a great shot of a new high Apportioned Truck plate.  Thanks to Bill Young for the photo.



Here is a new high Truck plate that has been added this week, also updated on the Highs Page.  Thanks to Bill Young for the video capture.



And another new high Dealer which took a jump from the previous high of K46-144K, also updated on the Highs Page.  This plate was spotted by Jordan Irazabal on Ferrari Philadelphia's Instagram page.


One more high.  Matt Ciecka recently spotted this Person with Disability.  This new serial format was first seen in February of this year.



On the far left is a new high on the Commonwealth Coat of Arms Passenger base, to the right of that is a new high screen shot of a PennDOT Commercial Vehicle plate.  Thanks to Jay Embee and to Bill Young for the photos.


This is a new high National Ski Patrol plate which was spotted by John Fedorchak.  It reads 00287S/P.  These plates have been using the map outline since at least as far back as 00247S/P.  The plate type itself dates back to 2011.




Want to see more vanities & personalized plates? Check out this week's photos on the Vanity Page.




This colorful tag is a prototype plate that was apparently intended to be the next edition of Fire Department plates.  The original FD plates came out in 1968, but they were never issued on the base shown here which I'm guessing could be an '84 or '85 base.  My personal recollection of a fire department I belong to, and which didn't begin operations until 1978, was that for several years all the trucks had FD plates. Based on this, I'm thinking FD plates were issued up to around '84 or '85, at which point Emergency Vehicle plates were issued to fire department vehicles.  Then any remaining FD plates were replaced by Emergency Vehicle tags in 2007.


Here's a very nice low number 1971 Tractor plate with a 72 sticker.  The tag was recently acquired by Tim Gierschick.  The 1971 to '76 run was the first to use the TR prefix, although it was used again on the 1977 issue.  The series high is TR-50998.


Some great Truck plates this week, starting with this 1934 Class S with SA000 format.  I had not documented this format previously, only listing S000A, S00A0 and S0A00.  Therefore, this plate may be considered a new high.  Thank you Brandon Sowers for the photo.


Next up is this 1955 VZ-Class Truck plate.  If you are familiar with PA truck plate history, you know that two-axle trucks were issued plates from the R through Z series.  And three-axle trucks were issued plates from the RZ to ZZ series.  Not as many of these 2-letter prefix plates were issued and even fewer have survived.  This plate measures 6" by x 10".  Clayton Moore snagged this great example.


But wait there's more, including this 1956 VZ-Class with an identical serial number as the '55 above.  Again this is a very rare three-axle plate.  1956 saw plate sizes standardized to 6" by 12".  Again thanks to Clayton Moore for sharing this fine example.


The far left 1964 - 66 VZ-Class Truck plate photo is thanks to Jeff Lesher and was previously displayed, the near left plate is a newly acquired plate of Clayton Moore.  They both represent the period from 1964 to 1967.  The VZ0-65A appears to be a new high, with the A suffix suggesting that few such plates were issued.  Again thanks to Clayton Moore for sharing this example.


5/1/2022 Posting

Please note, if you are sending new highs to this website, please send to both

John McDevitt at and Jordan Irazabal at

or post them to Keystone State Plates on Facebook.

New highs that are shown on this homepage, are also on the HIGHS page, and generally on the history pages.

Here is a new high Bus plate recently spotted by Bill Young.  These plates have been using the map outline since BA-81900.  Click this link to see more Bus plate history dating back to 1924.


This is a new high Truck plate from Bill Young.  The plate number reads ZTX-4263.  The map outline was added at ZKJ-0000.  Click this link to see more Truck plate history dating back to 1914.


This Preserve Our Heritage or Railroad plate is another new high.  It's part of the 4th serial progression.  This Special Fund plate dates back to December of 1998 and is the only remaining full-graphic plate.  This photo is thanks to Jordan Irazabal.


Here is a new high within the group of Dealer plates still retaining the sticker well.  The lowest point without the sticker well is K46-673K.  We also know that based on a warehouse inventory report that the plate run from the batch shown here ended at K46-499K, with a new batch starting at K46-500K.  Thanks to Jordan Irazabal for the photo.


Bill young spotted a new School Bus high on the bus with SC-89662.  Then later he also spotted SC-89773.  So we have two new highs in the same week.





On 4/17 we posted a photo of Abington Fire Company 00006A/T, the plate shown here was supplied by Bob Connison, and is the low number.  The photo-documented high for this series is 00027A/T, and the registered high is 00028A/T.


This is a Harley Owners Group vanity plate spotted by Bob Connison.  Such plates can have up to 5 characters plus the H/D prefix.  This plate does have the map outline.



Here is a personalized U.S. Submarine Veterans, Inc. plate.  While this may appear to be a Military Veterans' plate, it is actually an organizational plate.  This plate type dates back to 2005.  Thanks to Bruce Bufalini for the photo.


Here is a low-number Press Photographer plate from Julian Marrero.  It has been my understanding that such plates were always issued sequentially and that  traditionally the series began at PP10, although a couple older plates were issued with PP4.  In the case of these modern plates with numbers like, 3, 7, and the letter I, they are believed to be personalized.  The plate shown here also has the map outline.  One unique feature about PP plates is that they never used an identifying legend such as Press or Photographer.



Want more vanities / personalized plates? Check out this week's photos on the Vanity Page.


Here is a 3-digit 1923 Motorcycle plate.  1- to 3-digit plates measured 4 inches by 6 inches, while 4- and 5-digit plates measured 4 inches by 8 inches.  Anyone have a 1- or 2-digit plate?  The series high is believed to be 19786.  Thanks to Clayton Moore for the photo.


This is a 1926 Motorcycle plate.  Like the '23 plate above, these were also made in 2 sizes depending on the number of digits.  Does anyone have a 1-, 2- or 3-digit plate?  Thanks to Clayton Moore for the photo.


4/24/2022 Posting

This past week has been another challenging one for me, spending much of it in the hospital.  So this will be a short update.  Also I know this website has been down part of the time.  Jordan Irazabal is in the process of moving the site to another hosting service.  Stay tuned.


Here is a brand new Classic Vehicle plate photo from Clayton Moore.  The latest change to these plates has been the addition of the map outline back at C40900.  To qualify for such a plate, the vehicle must be at least 15 years old, maintained in original or restored condition.  The vehicle is no longer subject to emissions inspection.


Here's a new high Official Use plate thanks to Brandon Sowers.  This is part of the non-passenger series and the serial number is a continuation of the old white on blue fully embossed plates.  Note there are also agency specific Official Use plates for PennDOT, PA State Police and PA Turnpike, all of which use their own agency logo and number series as opposed to the generic commonwealth coat of arms on the plate shown here.


Here's a recent Amateur Radio plate photo from Jordan Irazabal.  Such plates date back to 1956 and can have A, K, N or W as the call letter prefix.  The number 3 indicated the region which includes Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.  Click this link to see more Ham Radio info.


This is a Trailer Vanity, kind of rare, and indistinguishable from a passenger vanity.  Of course the give away is that it's on a trailer.  Vanities are also available for motor homes, and trucks with a registered gross weight of 14,000 pounds or less.  Personalized plates are also eligible for motorcycles, certain commercial vehicles and certain special organizational tags.  This photo is thanks to Julian Marrero and was forwarded by Jordan Irazabal.


Want more vanities?  Arthur Levine has provided a dozen new vanity plate shots.  Check 'em out on the Vanity Page.







This is a low number 1930 Class R Truck plate.  1930 truck plates saw a departure from the much more common R through ZZ weight classes that was used before and after the 1930 run.  Apparently it fell out of favor and returned to R - ZZ system in later years.  Anyway, for 1930, R-class plates were designated by 00AA to 999FZ, making this a low-number plate.  Thanks to Clayton Moore for the photo.


Here is a nice example of a low-numbered 1953 Format 13 Passenger plate.  Format 13 was an overflow series using D000A to P999Z.  The reason for starting at D000A was that the A000A, B000A and C000A series were reserved for three Dealer types.  Also going beyond the P999Z series would have encroached on the truck series.  Thanks to Clayton Moore for the image.


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