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News and postings from 2006

This is an update of the PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY official plate.  This is the also the current high for this type.  This plate type dates back to at least the early to mid 1980s and is issued in pairs.  Posted 12/24/06.




Latest update of pending CHOOSE LIFE prototype on far left.  Previous design on near left.  The newer plate shows that the stacked CL has been shifted from being in the prefix position to a suffix.   Also the tag line has been shifted around and the logo now has more color.  Plates are still expected out in early 2007.  Posted 12/22.



Note the green 99 logo on the one CARL EDWARDS prototype plate, and red 99 on the other.  It is not known if this difference appears on actual plates or only on prototypes.  Any NASCAR enthusiasts out there?  Posted 12/22.



Yesterday I was contacted by the Pennsylvania State Police requesting permission to use this website as a license plate resource.  They are planning to add links to this site on two of their intranet sites.  The writer described it as a "nice resource for plate identification."  I was flattered by their request and gave my permission.  Posted 12/19.


First image of PRESQUE ISLE PARTNERSHIP plate.  Image was provided by Dan Stetson.  Posted 12/18.




The CIVIL AIR PATROL is one step closer to having their own plate.  Posted this updated design on 12/17.




Somehow I missed these plates during my annual update of NASCAR plates.  They include NASCAR 2 Kurt Bush, NASCAR 14 Sterling Marlin, NASCAR 43 Bobby Labonte, and NASCAR 55 Michael Waltrip.  Posted 12/16.


Bob Connison sent me two nice images of some older Booster Plates COUNCIL and DEPUTY SHERIFF, so I added a new section on the bottom of the Special Event Plate Page.  Again I invite others to send me your images of Special Event and Booster Plates.  Please try to limit these to government and quasi-government functions, not advertising plates from car dealerships, etc.  Posted 12/15.



Added ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY INC. as a new special organization plate.  Posted 12/15.




Added GOSHEN FIRE COMPANY as a new special organization plate.  Posted 12/15.





Another Blue Plate Special.  I have taken images of several yellow-on-blue BUS plates with current validation stickers.  These plates are on vehicles owned by legitimate bus companies not some converted junk bus owned by some hooftie.  (That's a Pennsylvania word.)  The issuing and re-plating of bus plates remains somewhat of a mystery.  Posted 12/15.


A little PA Plate trivia — I did a quick count of all the types of Pennsylvania plates currently in use and came up with 289 types, give or take.  This includes those types that are still in use but no longer issued such as Fire Department, U.S. Armed Forces Retired, and several NASCAR varieties.  It also includes all the NASCAR varieties individually, not as a single type as listed by PennDOT.  It does not include temporaries, vanities, and unused types such as Governor.  The largest group are Special Organization and Specialty plates now numbering about 197 and growing.  In the summer of 1999, prior to the plate changeover, there were 75 special organization plates.  This jumped to 84 by the end of 2002, then to 95 in early 2005.  At that point, with the arrival of the specialty program, there was a proliferation of new plates.  By the end of 2005 this number had jumped to about 161 counting all the NASCAR types.  Posted 12/14.


Added BROOKLINE FIRE COMPANY as a new special organization plate.  Posted 12/12.




Updated CLARION UNIVERSITY plate image.  Posted 12/12.




Added HAMPDEN TOWNSHIP VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY as a new special organization plate.  Posted 12/11.




Image of SUPPORT OUR TROOPS sample plate added 12/11.




Image of PURDUE UNIVERSITY sample plate received from Paul Bagnarol.  Posted 12/11.




This image confirms that there were two series of the VETERAN plates issued.  The over-the-counter series started with 00100U/S.  Then a rather poor image of plate 00001U/S showed up on State Representative Stevenson's website.  I sent an email to Rep. Stevenson requesting an explanation and got no reply.  Now a much better image has been provided by Nick Tsilakis which confirms the existence of two series.  You can form your own conclusions.  Posted 12/10.


First image of a SETON HILL UNIVERSITY plate.  Image courtesy of Bruce Bufalini, posted 12/9.




Added this SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP TRICENTENNIAL Front Booster Sample plate from Bob Connison.  At least that's what I believe this plate type is.  Posted 12/8.



Also added this SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP TRICENTENNIAL Sample plate from Paul Bagnarol.  Posted 12/8.




This is the current plate high on the EMERGENCY VEHICLE type.  This plate came with a validation sticker but should be exempt.  That issue still needs to be resolved.  Posted 12/8.



Moved CORVETTE CLUB OF DELAWARE VALLEY from Pending/Proposed to Special Organization on 12/8.




LEHIGH UNIVERSITY ALUMNI plate gets a major facelift.  Posted 12/8.





Added another variation of an ANTIQUE HISTORIC CAR sample from Bob Connison.  There are two other sample types currently in the image gallery and Bob may have another variation to send me.  Posted 12/6/06.



CLASSIC CAR Plate Trivia - I have been attempting to determine where formatting changes have taken place in the numerical progression for this plate type.  As best as can be determined, there are 7 formats of this plate.  From an old photo I was able to narrow down the transition point between Type 3 and 4.  Posted 12/7.


Added this 1994 FORTUNE 500 FORUM image from Bob Connison.  Also added a couple of other FORTUNE 500 images to the Special Event Page as well.  Posted 12/7.



This unique ANTIQUE HISTORIC CAR sample sent in by Bob Connison uses conventional dies in place of the square-ish antique dies.  This is the 4th variation of this sample type.  I don't believe any actual Antique Historic Car plates were produced with these dies, but there was a short run of CLASSIC CAR plates where the wrong dies were used.  Posted 12/7.


Added FLYERS WIVES CHARITIES as a new specialty plate type.  Posted 12/6.




Added prototype image of PENN ALUMNI (University of Pennsylvania) as a new special organization plate.  Posted 12/4.




Added prototype image of BERWYN FIRE COMPANY as new special organization plate.  Posted 12/4.




Recently acquired this pair of MARIO LEMIEUX CELEBRITY INVITATIONAL special event plates for 1999 and 2000.  These plates are made of cardboard.  Posted 12/2.



Added image of KIWANIS (PA District Kiwanis International) sample courtesy of Ned Flynn.  Posted 11/25.




First image of FRANKLIN & MARSHALL COLLEGE plate.  Posted 11/25.




Added new pending / proposed specialty plate type, POTTER COUNTY VISITORS ASSOCIATION.  Posted 11/24/06.




Added new pending / proposed specialty plate type, Corvette Club of Delaware Valley. The image appears to be a conceptual image rather than an actual prototype.  Posted 11/23.



First image of PLEASANT HALL VOLUNTEER FIRE / EMS plate.  Posted 11/21.




This unusual looking plate, courtesy of Michael C. Wiener, would appear to be a booster plate for a 2004 event - PA Correctional Industries, North East, National Correctional Industries AssociationIt also bears some similarity to the yet-to-be-released-at-that-time visitPA plates.  Note the solid color bands, albeit reversed, and the bolder PENNSYLVANIA font.  This plate is also unusual as it is the only known special event plate since 1999.  Posted 11/18.


Added new specialty plate type, SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.  The image appears to be a conceptual image rather than an actual prototype.  This is a nationwide civilian organization whose goal is to provide assistance to military families.  There is an information link on the image gallery page (click link above).  Posted 11/17.


Added images of 1989 and 1990 PA INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW  cardboard plates to Special Event Plate page.  Posted 11/16.



Updated image of NASCAR 6, Mark Martin plate.  Posted 11/13/06.  This site is still in need of a number of NASCAR plate images.




First image of RUFFED GROUSE SOCIETY plate sent in by Johnny Di Pasquale.  Posted 11/12.




First image of new KOREAN DEFENSE SERVICE MEDAL plate, provided by Johnny Di Pasquale.  Posted 11/11.  And a Thank You to all of our Veterans for their service to our Country.



Added a pair of City of Philadelphia, Franklin Festival, 1990 special event plate images.  Posted 11/10.





PLATE TRIVIA — It is still not known how the BUS plate series progresses.  Bus plates have been using the BA-10000 series since 1968 and have never progressed beyond BA-70000.  For example I have seen BA-31410 on a 71 base, BA-45201 on an 84 base and BA31550 on a 2000 base.  It does not seem like the series begins over whenever a new base is issued.  That's 38 years in the same series  I have confirmed that Buses do not receive the same number upon re-plating.  It appears that possibly dead plate numbers may be reissued as part of re-plating.  This might explain the overlapping of numbers.  Posted 11/9.


Updated image of ST. THOMAS MORE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION plate.  This Philadelphia high school closed back in 1975, but their alumni association is alive and well.  Posted 11/6/06.



Added prototype of SHADY SIDE ACADEMY (Pittsburgh) as a new specialty plate.  Note the formatting 00000S/A is the same as SECOND ALARMERS RESCUE SQUAD.  Most likely actual Shady Side Academy plates will be 20000S/A.    Posted 11/4.




Added MARIO LEMIEUX FOUNDATION as a Pending / Proposed plate.  No image available.  Posted 11/4.




First image of a GOLD STAR FAMILY plate.  The image quality is poor but it is a much better representation than the earlier mock up.  The triple stacked prefix is a bit unusual, only seen elsewhere in NASCAR plates and to some degree in the PEARL HARBOR SURVIVOR plate.  Posted 11/4.



Paulie Bagnarol provides this 1991 APPLE FESTIVAL OFFICIAL sample plate image and a 1999 AAMVA sample image.  Posted 11/3.




SECOND ALARMERS RESCUE SQUAD sample plate image sent in by Rob Konig.  Posted 11/3.









The Special Event Page is now up and running,  As stated below, this new page will focus on Special Event Plates.  The ten (10) images on the site at the present are from my own collection, but I am hoping for lots of additional images from contributors.  I also welcome information, corrections, and feedback on any of the plates or the website.  Posted 11/1.


I guess it was only a matter of time till I expanded this site.  Anyway, I'm planning to add a new page of Special Event Plates.  This is also a departure from my 'current issue' theme.  In the next day or so I hope to get the page up and running with about 10 images from my own collection.  I will also post images that I have acquired from other sources as time permits.  Hopefully anyone who has other special event types will send images to post.  As always I will credit your images.  Posted 10/31.


News From Nick Tsilakis.  He spotted a new GOLD STAR FAMILY plate in Harrisburg, formatted G/S/F 0005.  Apparently they're out before they were expected.  The application form is now on PennDOT's website.  Posted 10/31.



Added image of WILLIAM PENN CHARTER SCHOOL plate prototype.  This is a fairly new type with no plates on the road yet. The 20000P/C starting point is because PURDUE UNIVERSITY is using 00000P/C.  Normally organizations are allotted a block of 20,000 numbers.  Posted 10/30.



pictureFor those interested in samples and prototypes, Paulie Bagnarol has a phenomenal collection of plates.  He has just added a bunch of very unusual and unique PA plates.  Use this link to get to his home page: http://www.geocities.com/milk11364/ and then scroll down to the 11 pages of Pennsylvania samples.  Or use this link to go directly to Page 10 and Page 11.  Paul has given me permission to use his images.  What I find interesting is the assortment of plates that are no longer in use such as Auto Manufacturer and Foreign Consul that I've never seen as samples before.  There is also a number of Special Organization plates that apparently never went into production.  If anyone knows anything about any of these unusual samples I would appreciate hearing and would post the information.  Thanks Paulie.  Posted 10/28.


Updated PRISONER OF WAR plate.  As time goes on, these plates are getting harder to find on the road, especially those in the POW-000 and 000-POW format.  Posted 10/24.



This KIWANIS plate design has received final approval from PennDOT which moves the plate evolution is one step closer to reality.  Vinyl proofs will soon be sent to the organization.  Information provided by Ned Flynn.  Posted 10/22/06. 



And still more trivia.  Spotted a SCHOOL VEHICLE plate in the SV17200 range.  It was still on the www base, while plate SV17767 is on the visitPA base.  This suggests that the changeover point was at SV17500.  Posted 10/21.



Even more trivia.  Saw an OMNIBUS plate in the OB-64000 range.  This plate had a 'serif I' in the plate legend as opposed to the earlier 'sans serif I' in plates below 64000.  Up till now it was not known if the changeover occurred at the 64000 or 65000 point.  This confirms the changeover at OB-64000.  Posted 10/20. 


More plate trivia.  Today I spotted a SCHOOL BUS plate SC-46772 on the www base.  Plates in the SC-47000 series are known to be on the visitPA base, but it was uncertain up until now if the changeover took place at the 46000 or the 47000.  This confirms the changeover at SC-47000.  Posted 10/19. 


Added FLAGSHIP NIAGARA blank.  These were made available following the discontinuation of this plate type in 1997 to get rid of the remaining stock.  There are also a number of vanity souvenir plates with an embossed 6/96 expiration.  These plates are fairly common on ebay.   This image was provided courtesy of plates.newyorktelephone.net.  Posted 10/16.



Updated image of VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS plate.  Posted 10/15/06.




Here is a mock up of the upcoming GOLD STAR FAMILY plate.  Legislation was recently signed into law — House Bill 2498.  Plates are expected on the street by mid-December.  I'm guessing that the final prototype of this plate will probably have a 2-letter prefix and the plate legend will be larger. Information sent by Brian Hite.  Posted 10/14.


Updated KIWANIS prototype plate.  This prototype uses the full organizational name which is generally required for special organization & specialty plates.  There was also some minor editing to the wording around the logo.  Image provided by Ned Flynn.  Ned is running the Kiwanis plate program.  Posted 10/13.



First image of an AMATEUR RADIO plate on the visitPA base.  Sent in by Bruce Bufalini.  Posted 10/11.





At first glance this just looks like a PASSENGER VANITY plate.  It is actually an invert error plate.  Note the second S is upside down.  Sent in by Nick Tsilakis.  Posted 10/11.




First image of GWYNEDD-MERCY COLLEGE plate.  Posted 10/10.





A little BUS Plate Trivia.  Spotted a bus plate today in the BA44000 series without a dash separator.  This narrows down the point where the dash separator was added.  It appears that the dash separator was added somewhere between BA-45000 and BA-48000.  If anyone has a Bus plate within this range on the www base, I'd appreciate knowing the formatting.  Posted 10/10.


Added new Specialty License Plate type — PRESQUE ISLE PARTNERSHIP.  PA finally has a lighthouse plate.  Posted 10/8.





Old '77 base PASSENGER VANITY still in use with an 11-06 validation sticker.  Posted 10/8.





First image of an AUTISM SOCIETY OF AMERICA plate.  Posted 10/7.





I have posted this or a similar question in the past but still looking for additional information.  I'm attempting to determine the starting and ending years of PA FIRE DEPARTMENT (FD) plates.  Based on the plate design all FD plates appear to be on a 68 base that was also used for several other plates, including Commercial, Trailer, Bus and School Bus.  However, today while looking thru a history book of the Allentown Fire Department I saw a ladder truck at an October 1961 fire scene with a FD-11905 plate.  The starting point for this type was FD-10000.  I don't think the plate high ever surpassed FD-30000.  Could these plates really date back to 1960 or 61?  It appears that this type was issued up thru 1985 but the ending year is uncertain as well.  I have a PennDOT publication from 1985 that describes how they are issued.  The plate type is still in use.


Based on information received from George Kunsman concerning EMERGENCY VEHICLE (EV) plates, these probably began in 1977.  At the time they were used mainly on ambulances.  This type is still being issued.  Following the discontinuation of the FD plates, fire vehicles were generally issued EV plates also.


If anyone has more definitive answers to these plate questions, please email meTHANKS.  Posted 10/4.


Added image of MOTORCYCLE VANITY plate on visitPA base.  Posted 10/4.





Added image of very recent (plate high) image of a PASSENGER plate on the visitPA base.  The image was provided by Eric Butler.  Posted 10/2.




PA will soon have a GOLD STAR FAMILY license plate.  The Senate unanimously passed House Bill 2498.  The bill was passed in the House back in June.  This bill still needs to be signed by the House and Senate and presented to the Governor for his signature.  The act would then take effect in 60 days.  Posted 9/26. 

        9/27 update, the House and Senate signed the bill. 

        9/28 update, the bill was presented to the Governor.

        10/4 update, approved by the Governor, Oct. 4, 2006 as Act No. 117.


Updated CONSERVE WILD RESOURCES  (aka Otter plate) sample image which was sent by Eric Butler.  Eric got this plate from DCNR who is now selling the remaining samples that they acquired from PennDOT when they went out of the sample plate business.  Posted 9/28.



This image of the proposed KIWANIS plate has been provided by Ned Flynn.  The general design has now been approved by PennDOT.  Posted 9/25.




This MUNICIPAL plate is actually a movie prop, from the film Groundhog Day.  (Or if you live in some parts of southeast PA, Grundsau Daag.)  The PENNSYLVANIA font seems correct but the others are not.  The plate is actually cardboard with no holes.  I have put it in the MYSTERY / ODDBALLS / UNKNOWN section.  Image sent by Eric Butler.  Posted 9/23/06.



First image of VIRGINIA TECH special organization plate.  Sent by Brendan Sherry.  Posted 9/21.





This APPORTIONED BUS plate image comes from fellow ALPCAn, Manny Jacob, of Ontario Canada.  Manny has decided to specialize in preserving IRP/PRP or Apportioned Bus plates since only five states and four provinces issue them, PA being one.  In trying to help Manny find bus companies that use these plates, I noted that Capitol Trailways was one such outfit.  Manny was then successful in obtaining the plate pictured on the left.  These plates are fairly rare as I have never seen one with a number higher than the 700s.  I believe this plate type started in 1983 and began with blue-on-yellow plates with a BL prefix, then around 1993 the plates switched to a yellow-on-blue base but retained the BL prefix.  When the www plates appeared, the prefix advanced to BN, skipping over BM.  Posted 9/19.


Updated image of MOPED plate.  It is unknown if this type has made the switch to the visitPA base yet. 

Still looking for a MOPED DEALER plate.  One might say, "Easy, go to a moped dealer."  I have been to many such places so far nothing.  These plates do exist despite the claims of some that there is no such plate.  Posted 9/18.



Another 1991 base holdover PASSENGER plate.  This plate type started with AAA-0000 series, after exhausting all the AAA-000 combinations, and ran until somewhere around CEE-xxxx in 1999.  Then came the DAA-0000 plates on the www base and all the old yellow-on-blue plates should have been replaced. Image provided Nick Tsilakis and posted 9/17.



This low number PASSENGER VANITY on the visitPA base is actually a remake of the same number on the www base.  (I thought I had that image for comparison but I don't.).  Provided by Ned Flynn.  Posted 9/15/06.




Updated earlier image of this ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE plate.  Also courtesy of Ned Flynn.  Posted 9/15.





Information received from Frank N3OBL: If an EMERGENCY VEHICLE plate has a validation sticker it means that the vehicle is not exempt and belongs to a private ambulance company, fire chief's personal vehicle, etc.  Exempt status would be indicated on the owners card.  Posted 9/15.



Added image of KOREAN DEFENSE SERVICE MEDAL plate prototype.  This is a new plate type that was the result of legislation signed into law on July 7 and became effective 60 days later.  Posted 9/13/06. 




Got permission from an auction seller to post this image of an ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE plate.  This plate shows a previously unknown plate format.  While plates in the A10 to Z99 format are known to exist, this image shows that the series was preceeded with an A1 to Z9 group.  I am also assuming that the 1A to 9Z group was also produced.  As a result I have redone the ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE section. 

I don't think I'm alone in feeling that the formatting history is worth preserving.  If anyone has other ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE images that would help complete this effort, they would be appreciated.  Posted 9/12.


Spotted this previous base SCHOOL VEHICLE plate still in use with 7-07 sticker.  Posted 9/11.





Updated (replaced) image of DARE plate.  Posted 9/10.





Updated (replaced) image of CLASSIC CAR.  Also determined that there is another series of previously unknown plates where the CLASSIC CAR and PENNSYLVANIA are again flip-flopped.  The changeover points for the different types need to be refined again.  Posted 9/10.



Added image of 2-12 Validation Sticker.  From Bill Stephens.  Posted 9/9.






First image of face-lifted UNIVERSITY OF SCRANTON plate, now on visit PA base with color screened graphic and tag legend.  Posted 9/8.




Updated image of CIRCUS-CARNIVAL TRUCK plate.  Have seen a bunch of these recently in the 01500 to 01700 series still on www base.  Posted 9/6/06.




Moved KOREAN DEFENSE SERVICE MEDAL from Pending/Proposed to Special Veteran Plates on 9/6.  This legislation which authorized this plate was approved by the Governor, July 7, 2006 and will become effective in 60 days as Act 82.  No image yet.



In recent days I have seen 3 municipal police motorcycles from 2 agencies which were sporting standard motorcycle plates instead of MG plates.  Did not have an opportunity to speak with the officers.  Could this signal the end of the MUNICIPAL MOTORCYCLE plates?

Spotted a new APPORTIONED truck plate AF-40195, still on the www base.

Saw a mini-school bus with an older yellow-on-blue base SCHOOL VEHICLE plate in the SV11xxx series.  It appeared to have a current validation sticker and was transporting school kids.  Tried unsuccessfully to get picture.  Posted 9/1. 

Received information from Bruce Bufalini on CLASSIC car plates which helps narrow the range when, as Bruce said, the flip-flop of PENNSYLVANIA on top and CLASSIC CAR on bottom took place.  Thanks Bruce.  Posted 9/1.



Received tip from Nick Tsilakis recently that earlier www base MOTOR HOME plates used a different font on the plate legend than later issues.  Spotted plate on far left today.  Newer plate on near left is for comparison.  Note the 'M'.  Posted 8/30.



CIVIL AIR PATROL joins the ranks of the pending / proposed special organization plates.  Posted 8/30.




This interesting group of NASCAR blanks was recently on an auction website, the auction abruptly ended.  Anyway the auction claimed that these plates came right of the production floor!  I'm sure that's a big no-no.  Posted 8/30.


First image of SCHOOL BUS plate on visitPA base.  Changeover likely took place at SC-46000 or SC-47000.  Change also included switch to larger keystone separator.  Image received from from Nick Tsilakis.  Posted 8/27.




This FLAGSHIP NIAGARA mystery plate was sent to me by Mike Barnes.  Note the absence of the EXP. 6/96 which is normal on the plates that were made available as souvenirs after the discontinuation of the Flagship Niagara plate.   Posted 8/27.




What's this!?.  I didn't think PA allowed YOM plates.  Posted 8/27.





Updated BUS plate without the dash separator.  This is also the lowest number on the www base I have found.  I'm trying to determine how bus plates are issued and replaced.  Eric Butler offers the theory that when the state re-plates, new plates continue to use the same number.  This would certainly explain how, after so many years, the progression is still in the BA series.  Current high is in the BA-69000 series.  Posted 8/26.


Added prototype image of FFA ASSOCIATION (FFA = Future Farmers of America) as new specialty plate.  Posted 8/24.




A little MASS TRANSIT plate trivia — Eric Butler has provided the following plate info: The first issue of the www base started at M/T 30000. This series featured stacked M over T and a wide legend. Style lasted up to M/T 32999.  At MT-33000, the "MT" was placed side by side, with full size dies and a dash separator. Also this brought a change to the legend with a slightly thinner font. This lasted up to MT-39999.  M/T 40000 marked the changeover to the visitPA base and a return to the stacked letters and first die style for the plate legend. Current high is M/T 40323.  Posted 8/23.


Added PURDUE UNIVERSITY prototype as new special organization plate.  Posted 8/23.




Added WILLIAM PENN CHARTER SCHOOL as new special organization plate.  No image available yet.  Posted 8/23.




Moved GWYNEDD-MERCY COLLEGE from Pending/Proposed to Special Organization.  Posted 8/23.





Updated image of NASCAR 3 Dale Earnhardt.  This is the third plate of this type issued as this plates started with 0100.  Posted 8/19.





Updated image of LEBANON VALLEY COLLEGE plate.  Posted 8/19.





Updated image of EMERGENCY VEHICLE plate.  This plate is close to the current high for this series.  Also the plate has a validation sticker.  Most plates belonging to volunteer EMS and fire organizations are exempt from annual registration requirements.   Posted 8/19.




The XA TRAILER plate is a survivor from a previous series.  It should have been replaced 5 or 6 years ago but somehow survives with a current (2-07) sticker.

The XK TRAILER plate is an updated image but also represents the first series (starting point XK-00000) of plates on the www base.  Posted 8/19.


PA CHIROPRACTIC ASSOCIATION announces a special organization plate.  If you're a member of PCA you can bid on the # 1 plate on eBay.  Posted 8/17/06.




While attempting to arrange plates by number and formatting, I noticed that this ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE plate does not to follow the same formatting as other plates in the A00 to Z99 run.  Other plates (B10, B31 and G99) in the A00 to Z99 run have PENNA on top and MOTORCYCLE on the bottom.  If anyone has plates or images in their collection that could better explain this, it would be appreciated.  Also, judging by the appearance, this may be a replacement plate. Does anyone knows the year that ANTIQUE MC plates were first issued by PA.   One source told me 1956.  Can anyone verify this?  Posted 8/17.


I am adding some minor features to this site to provide more plate information. 

1.  For plates that have had changes to their formatting or have had several number formats, I have begun to identify them as TYPE 1, TYPE 2, etc.  This is an arbitrary naming system and subject to change.  Whenever a format change occurs, I would like to list the plate serial number at the point where the change has occurred.

2.  For plates that were subject to reissue as part of the re-plating project beginning in September of 1999, I am trying to determine the starting point of each plate type on the www base.  This would apply only to plates issued on the www base.  For example, Limousine plates appear to have started at LM-20000.

I need you help!  I am looking for input from anyone who can help with the data I am trying to gather.  Over the years I have gotten many images and lots of useful information from contributors to this site — Thanks.  Posted 6/15.


New plate high spotted on the www base passenger plate.  Eric Butler spotted FYC-9994 in Philadelphia while moving through traffic, so no image.  This number suggests that the series up to FYC-9999 was probably exhausted.  He further described the plate as newly registered so it probably was sitting at some tag service or car lot for the past couple of years.  Along a similar line, I stopped at a tag service about 6 months ago and asked about Motor Home tags. They still had un-issued ones in the HG-71000 series, about the same time the HH series came out!  Thanks for the update Eric.  Posted 8/13.


Updated CLASSIC MOTORCYCLE plate image.  Posted 8/12. 

Still looking for the elusive COLLECTIBLE MOTORCYCLE plate.




Spotted this beautiful old base MOTORCYCLE VANITY at Lehighton Bike Night.  Owner claimed it was valid.  When asked about the validation sticker, I was told it was somewhere else on the bike.  My guess is that the owner has COAL registered to him and is displaying the old plate in place of the new one.  Posted 8/12. 



Updated CLASSIC CAR image.  This particular type variation with CLASSIC CAR on top and PENNSYLVANIA on bottom began somewhere between 51000 and 53999, and continued up to 99999.  Still trying to identify the exact changeover point.  Posted 8/11/06.




Added image of DCNR ATV VALIDATION STICKER for 2007.  Posted 8/9/06.





Added prototype image of SETON HILL UNIVERSITY plate.  Posted 8/5/06.





Updated image of STREET ROD  plate.  Posted 8/5.





Added VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA sample image.  Posted 8/4





Updated AUTISM SOCIETY OF AMERICA sample image.  Posted 8/4.





On July 1 both houses of the PA legislature signed House Bill 2295 after it was unanimously passed by both bodies.  This bill would create a new license plate for any person who has received the Korean Defense Service Medal. Authorized by Congress with Public Law 107-314, this medal is awarded to service members who have served in support of the defense of the Republic of Korea from 1954 to present. They must have flown sorties, been engaged in combat, or been wounded or injured in the line of duty.  It would take effect in 60 days.  Posted 7/5. 

UPDATE: (7/10)  This legislation was approved by the Governor, July 7, 2006 and will become Act No. 82.

UPDATE (8/17):  As the release of these plates is due in September, I will leave this posting ride until more is known about the plates. 


Added new special organization plate type — SECOND ALARMERS RESCUE SQUAD.  Sent in by Rob Konig.  Posted 8/2.





Added some formatting information for several of the plate types contained in the OFFICIAL PLATES section. (7/30)




Updated image of WESTMINSTER COLLEGE plate from from Nick Tsilakis.  Posted 7/28.





WASHINGTON & JEFFERSON COLLEGE gives plate a facelift.  Posted 7/27.





In this trio of FIRE DEPARTMENT plate images the first plate uses a keystone separator, and the last uses a dash separator, while the center plate has none at all.  Note also that the second and third plates are sequential.  These last two were recently auctioned.  While this plate type is no longer issued it is still in common use and is the only remaining full size PA plate still on the map outline base.  Thanks for the tip from George Kunsman.  Posted 7/25.


Added image of COMBAT WOUNDED VETERAN sample plate.  Posted 7/24.





Added image of KUTZTOWN UNIVERSITY sample plate.  Posted 7/24.





Added image of DARE sample plate.  Posted 7/23.





Added image of ANTIQUE VEHICLE sample plate.  Posted 7/23.





Updated image of MOTORCYCLE DEALER plate on visitPA base.  Posted 7/22/06.






First image of updated OHIO STATE ALUMNI plate.  Posted 7/22/06.





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