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John McDevitt, Walnutport, PA

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News and postings from 2007

Fellow ALPCA member Brandon E. McDade shares the following information which was included in a PennDOT newsletter: The new P/D MOTORCYCLE plates contains four numbers and/or letters following the PD prefix.  This plate will replace motorcycle license plates which display a person with disabilities decal.  On December 21st, PennDOT began replacing motorcycle license plates displaying the decal, with this new plate.  There are fewer than 400 of these decal plates in use.  Vanity and veteran motorcycle plates that currently display a P/D decal will continue unchanged.  Any person wanting to replace their current motorcycle license plate with a person with disabilities license plate may do so by using Form MV-145.  Posted 12/30.


DISABLED VETERAN plate trivia: Spotted a plate image which helps narrow the point when this plate type (TYPE 2) switched from 2 sticker wells in the upper left and right corners to a single sticker well (TYPE 3) in the lower left.  Click the above link to see more detail.  Much information is still needed about this plate type, so if anyone has any PA DISABLED VET plates, and information would be greatly appreciated.  Posted 12/30.


The center image, spotted on 12/27, represents a type variation not previously documented.  FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE plates have been updated to the flat screened logo and flat stacked prefix (right image), but the center plate indicates that there was a short run of plates on the visitPA base but with the www style embossed logo and FOP tagline.  The last plate, F/P14881, has made the full transition.  A similar 3-step transition has also been seen in BLUE LODGE plates.  Posted 12/28.


Updated WEST POINT ALUMNI plate image.  Note that West Point is one of only a handful of plates that have a 4-digit number (normally 5-digit) after a two letter prefix.  Posted 12/24.



Here's an interesting photo array of KEYSTONE STATE CORVETTE CLUB plates provided by Greg Gervasio.  The far left if the first plate off the line, the center image is two plates later, and the near left is a sample plate.  As you may know PA no longer sells sample plates but produces a very limited number for the organization.  Posted 12/23.


These are cardboard TEMPORARY INTRANSIT plates.  The one on the far left was spotted today.  Note that the plates use different watermarks.  The newer plate uses the PennDOT logo as a watermark while the other uses the Commonwealth coat of arms.  Posted 12/23.


First image of a NORWIN BAND AIDES plate.  Image was provided by Bruce Bufalini.  Posted 12/23.




Added this rendition of a CATHEDRAL PREPARATORY SCHOOL prototype as a new Special Organization / Specialty plate.  The 10000 starting point with this new type is because Civil Air Patrol is using the 00000C/P Posted 12/6.



Obtained a better prototype image of the PERSON WITH DISABILITY MOTORCYCLE plate.  This larger image was taken at the plate unveiling ceremony.  Posted 11/28.



Updated the HG prefix MOTOR HOME image with this early www base plate.  These plates have a history as to how the HG prefix evolved.  The first of these plates was issued in 1977 with the plate legend House Car, thus the prefix HC, on a blue-on-yellow base.  When the original series reached HC-99999, it switched to a yellow-on-blue base and still used the tag line House Car but now with the prefix HD.  The legend House Car was retained at least as far as the HD-40000 series but by the time the series reached HD-46000 the name had been changed to the now more familiar Motor Home.  When the HD series was exhausted it jumped ahead to HF, skipping the HE series which is reserved for the Hearing Impaired plate series.  It is unknown where the HF ended, but by the time PA began re-plating it was at least the HF-53000 series.  The HG series was on the www base and that series eventually ran out as well.  The arrival of the current HH plates signaled the switch to the visitPA base.  If anyone wants to fill in any of the missing details, I will gladly post it.  Posted 11/28.


These plate pictures were originally posted back in October, being provided by Adam Heaps.  In the meantime I have learned that PA formats plates with a coat of arms on each side of the number for members of the U.S. CONGRESS.  This unusual plate makes me wonder how many other types are out there which are unknown to the plate hobby world and not part of the ALPCA Archives.  Posted 11/27.


This is another seemingly oddball DISABLED VETERAN plate since it is a part of only a 1000 plate run (D/V28000 to D/V28999) which featured the stacked prefix.  All other Disabled Veteran plates have the DV prefix in line.  Of course SEVERELY DISABLED VETERAN plates feature a stacked prefix, but they also have the handicap symbol.  Posted 11/26.


This is another example of an unknown group of DISABLED VETERAN plates or a SEVERELY DISABLED VETERAN plates.  See posting of 11/19 below.  While this one is not current it is a better image and offers some indication of age.  I recently acquired this plate since it offered additional authentication of this seemingly out-of-sequence plate run.  I posted a question to the License Plate Listserv and also asked several PA plate collectors about this run of plates and so far no one has been able to explain it.  Posted 11/26. 


This plate is a bit of a mystery.  The plate is obviously old, yet the number series is way too high for DISABLED VETERAN which is currently in the DV-33000 series.  It does not seem to correspond to any known Disabled Veteran number series.  My first guess is that it is an early issue of SEVERELY DISABLED VETERAN.  I have seen another like it (DV-41983 which had 86 & 87 stickers) so I don't think it's an error plate.  I have documentation that in 1985 there were 3 different fees for DV plates depending on the level and type of disability, so this could be a plate issued under the second tier.  To my knowledge PA never re-plated the Disabled Vet series.  Anyone know for sure what this plate is?  And if it can be identified, is it still current?  Posted 11/19.


First image and first plate of the FFA ASSOCIATION.  Posted 11/19.




A new motorcycle plate is on the horizon.  This prototype PERSON WITH DISABILITY plate is being unveiled to replace the person with disability stickers presently in use.  There is also a Severely Disabled Veteran Motorcycle Decal.  It is unknown if a plate will also be available for this category.  Posted 11/15.


Bill Stevens reports seeing TRANSPORTER plate DT-09627 on the visitPA base, while right in front of it was plate DT-09276 still on the www base.  No photo available.  This suggests the changeover likely occurred at DT-09500.  Posted 11/14.



First image of an 82nd AIRBORNE DIVISION ASSN plate.  Picture was provided by Bruce Bufalini and posted 11/13.  Click link to visit Bruce's website.



No sooner said than done!  Yesterday I posted information (see posting below) on a discovery that Eric Butler had made about the plate legend on REPAIR TOWING plates in the RT-48000 series.  Today I came across one and after a 10 minute discussion with the owner, got approval to photograph it.  It's not the best image but it does show the differences in the plate legend between the two plates on the www base.  Plates beginning with the 49000 series are on the visitPA base.  Posted 11/13.


Eric Butler reports seeing a REPAIR TOWING plate in the RT-48000 (RT-48101) series which had the wider plate legend similar to that used on the visitPA base which started at RT-49000.  This suggests another type variation.  No image available yet.  Posted 11/13.


With only slightly more than 1000 of these APPORTIONED BUS plates issued since PA began re-plating in 1999, I thought this over-1000 plate was worth showing.  This is also the current high on this series.  Plate image was provided by Jim McDevitt.  Posted 11/11.

PLATE HISTORY: To my knowledge this plate type was first issued in 1983 on the blue-on-yellow base just as Apportioned Truck plates were.  At that time they used a BL prefix.  Around 1993 the plates switched to the yellow-on-blue base but continued with the BL prefix, however, the previous issues was not replaced until the complete re-plating with the www plates with the BN prefix.  There never was a BM prefix.  I am looking for actual plates from the first or second issue, or any photographs. 


First image of a TAXI plate on the (Type 3) visitPA base.  This is also the current high.  As with most other plates that have been switched to the visitPA base, the TAXI plate also uses the larger keystone separator.

DATA NEEDED: I'm still trying to determine at what point TAXI plates changed from a sans serif I in TAXI (Type 1) to the use of a serif I (Type 2).  It seems likely that the change took place at either TX-38000 or TX-39000.  The TX-39000 series uses a serif I but I have been unable to spot a plate in the TX-38000 range.  Any help on this would be appreciated.  Posted 11/8.


Added this LEHIGH UNIVERSITY ALUMNI (Type 2) sample image.  These special organization and specialty sample plates on the visitPA base are unique because PennDOT no longer markets sample plates, but they do produce a very limited number for the organization.  Posted 11/6.


Updated the Type 4 image of a SCHOOL VEHICLE plate.  This is also the current high on this type.  Posted 11/1.




Added this rendition of a RELIANCE HOOK AND LADDER CO. 1 prototype as a new Special Organization / Specialty plate.  Posted 11/1.



Added this rendition of a CETRONIA AMBULANCE CORPS prototype as a new Special Organization / Specialty plate.  Posted 10/31.



First image of a 32 MASONIC LEARNING CENTERS FOR CHILDREN plate.  Posted 10/31.




Added this rendition of a FRIENDS OF VALLEY FORGE PARK prototype as a new Special Organization / Specialty plate.  Posted 10/29.



I see on the Pennsylvania Plate Highs page that the TAXI plate has made the switch to the visitPA base.  It appears that the changeover took place at TX-46000.  Plates in the upper TX-45000 range were still on the www base.  No image available yet. 

I'm still in need of information on the tag line changeover point (TX-38000 or TX-39000?) on earlier www base TAXI plates.  Early plates used a sans serif I, while later plates used a serif I Click link for more details.  Posted 10/26.


Moved KEYSTONE STATE CORVETTE CLUB from Pending / Proposed to Special Organization / Specialty Plates section 10/25.



Added this CONCORDVILLE FIRE AND PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION prototype image as a new Special Organization / Specialty Plate type.  Posted 10/25.



Updated image of THE MARIO LEMIEUX FOUNDATION plate.  Image provided by Bill Jesse and posted 10/23.




I received information from Nick Tsilakis today that he spotted an 'interim' FIRE FIGHTER plate.  It was previously believed that the plate changeover from the WWW base to the visitPA base took place at FF36000.  (Plate FF35991 is on the www base, while plate FF36109 is on the visitPA base.)    Along with this changeover, the visitPA plates use the narrow tag line and small Maltese cross that had only been seen on sample plates and FIRE FIGHTER VANITIES.  Now Nick has spotted a plate on the www base with narrow tag line and small Maltese cross — FF36016.  This suggests that these was a short run of plates with features from both types.  Eric Butler also reported seeing plates in the low 36000 series on the www base.  I will add this as Type 2, and change the previous Type 2 to Type 3.  Image needed.  Posted 10/23.


Updated image of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM plate.  Image furnished by Nick Tsilakis and posted on 10/18.




This first image of a (Type 4) SCHOOL VEHICLE plate was also provided by Nick Tsilakis.  The earliest of these plates on the www base used a narrow tag line (Type 1); then they switched to a wide tag line (Type 2); the next change was to the visitPA base with a wide tag line (Type 3), and finally to this visitPA version with a narrow legend again.  Note: The use of type numbers is my own designation to help keep track of formatting variations.  Posted 10/18.

According to PennDOT: This plate is issued to vehicles designed to carry no more than ten passengers, including the driver, and used only for the transportation of school students while registered by or under contract with a school district, private or parochial school. This also includes vehicles having chartered, group and party rights under the PUC and used for the transportation of school children to or from public, private or parochial school activities. This vehicle must be renewed annually. The plate is identified by the letters “SV” plus five digits and the words “School Vehicle” at the bottom. This plate may not be used on 11-15 passenger vehicles used to transport school children unless the vehicle was titled and registered as a bus prior to March 1, 1993.


This unusual Pennsylvania plate was provided by an Adam Heaps.  I am guessing that it may be a ranking state official or someone with a low numbered vanity plate who added a 'hat badge coat of arms' to each side of the number.  Commonwealth Court and Superior Court plates use similar single hat badges, but this does not appear to be a judicial plate.  I believe the plate says visitPA.com along the bottom.  I will attempt to learn more about this plate, and if successful I will post it.  Posted 10/17.


While this TELEPHONE PIONEERS - AMERICA plate may be expired, it was still in use during the period represented by this website.  Image was provided by Bruce Sakson.  Posted 10/17.



First image of an actual SUPPORT OUR TROOPS plate.  Image provided by Nick Tsilakis.  Posted 10/14/07.




Nick also spotted a SCHOOL VEHICLE plate with the number SV17845.  It was previously known that the changeover to the visitPA base likely took place at SV17500 which used a wide tagline (Type 3).  Following this It was established that a later run of plates was using a narrow tagline (Type 4).  Tag SV17767 uses a wide tagline and tag 17845 uses a narrow one.   This suggests that the Type 3 run was possibly from SV17500 to SV17799.  No picture available of the Type 4 plate.  Posted 10/14.


Added this image of a prototype of a special organization plate for HOLY FAMILY UNIVERSITY.  I've had this plate type listed in the Pending / Proposed section for a long time.  The image suggests they they are moving forward with the plate. Information provided by Paulie Bagnarol.  Posted 10/14.


Replaced older non-enlargeable image of this EDINBORO UNIVERSITY sample plate.




Updated image of this new style LEHIGH UNIVERSITY ALUMNI plate.  Posted 10/12.




Added this WESTMINSTER COLLEGE prototype/graphic depiction.  This is not a new type, just an additional image.  Posted 10/12.



Added this ALBRIGHT COLLEGE prototype/graphic depiction.  This is not a new type, just an improved image.  Posted 10/12.



Updated image of a FARM TRUCK plate.  This truck's validation sticker is expired by a couple days, but then who issues tickets in a soybean field.  Image posted 10/2.



This is the first image of a MOPED (MP) plate on the visitPA base.  I believe the changeover took place at BN000 since the BM series (BM275) is still on the www base.  Posted 9/21.



First image of a PA SOCIETY SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.  Nice plate, unfortunately the image quality isn't.  Posted 9/21.



Updated image of a TRANSPORTER plate.  This is believed to be the series high.  I managed to snap this image thru my windshield at a stop light with a 6X digital zoom.  The vehicle involved was empty but appeared to have been hauling sections of houses to a construction site.  Posted 9/15.


Went to Lansdale Bike Nite yesterday.  Thousands of bikes, biker chicks, and plates.  Walked for 3 hours and did not see everything.  There were several dozen police motorcycles all lined up, mainly Municipal but several State Police bikes.  PSP uses standard issue motorcycle plates.  Lots of antique motorcycle plates — I spotted a new high of LK8.  Saw only one Classic Motorcycle plate (C/L0364), one Moped plate (BM275), and still no Moped Dealer and no Collectible Motorcycle plates.  There are supposedly less than 70 Collectible Motorcycle plates registered.  See postings below.  Fun event, weather too hot and humid.  Posted 9/9.


Updated image of  MUNICIPAL MOTORCYCLE plate on far left.  This was the last plate produced in the MG000 format.  The next series, on the near left, follows the full size MUNICIPAL plates by using an alpha suffix.  The plate pictured was the 5th plate produced in this new series which began at MG00A.  This plate is also the current high.  Posted 9/9.


Added an additional VETERAN MOTORCYCLE plate.  This is believed to be the current high in this type.  Posted 9/9.




This plate seems a bit unusual in the formatting of the number .  It could just be a MOTORCYCLE VANITY plate.  That's how I am categorizing it for now, but it almost looks like the start of a new number series.  What also looks a bit strange is the first and second 0s don't quite look the same.  Could just be die variations.  There is also a small space between them.  From what I can determine, the current standard MOTORCYCLE plate use the same size dies for the letters and numbers, a departure from the norm for PA.  Assuming this to be the case, differentiating between a 0 (zero), , and the letter O would be a challenge.  The letter O would only be used on a vanity plate.  In my MOTORCYCLE VANITY plate section I have several images with what I believe to be letter Os.  Posted 9/9.


Greg Gervasio provides this updated image of a KEYSTONE STATE CORVETTE CLUB plate.  This is now the official design received back from Pennsylvania Correctional Industries on this pending plate.  The plate coding has also changed from 20000C/C to 30000C/C since the former was already in use by another plate type.  Posted 9/5.


Spotted this previous issue CIRCUS-CARNIVAL TRUCK plate in use at the Allentown Fair, with a 9/07 validation sticker.  Not sure what the deal is with the last digit.  Posted 8/31.



Added UMOJA AFRICAN ARTS COMPANY as new specialty plate.  Posted 8/31.




Note the tag legend on the far left sample plate reads AUTISM SOCIETY OF AMERICA, while the near left plate says AUTISM AWARENESS.  All of the plates on the street (to my knowledge) use the AUTISM SOCIETY OF AMERICA legend, so apparently there was a design change after the first sample was produced.  The AUTISM AWARENESS sample image is courtesy of Pauli Bagnarol.  Posted 8/30.


NATIONAL CONSTITUTION CENTER added as new specialty plate.  Posted 8/30.




This older type EMERGENCY VEHICLE plate is still in use with an 07 sticker.  This is also the observed high on this pre-changeover plate type.  What is not known is will this plate continue to be a valid plate while most lower number plates have been replaced?  At what point did the white on red plates cease production and the new red on white EV plates on the visitPA base start up?  There are plates on the visitPA base as low as or lower than EV-30359.  There is also an EV-50000 series of these plates being issued concurrently.  Read more about these EMERGENCY VEHICLE plates.  Posted 8/23.


APPORTIONED (TRUCK) plates are now on visitPA base.  The changeover point appears to be at AF-50000.  The dash separator has been replaced with the keystone which is consistent with other non-passenger types that have made the changeover.  There is also an APPORTIONED BUS plate, which because of low numbers, is not likely to ever see the visitPA base.  Posted 8/22.


While the posting of old plate images is not the usual theme of this website, this plate on an old tractor got my attention, partially because plates are unusual on farm tractors, and also because I am an old tractor buff.  (I have a 51 Farmall Super A sitting in my garage with a 51 tractor plate.)  Anyway, I believe this image is a 77 base.  The tractor looked like something homemade.  Posted 8/19.


This image is an early (Type 1) EX-PRISONER OF WAR plate with a current validation sticker.  This earliest series, with the POW-000 format, are seldom seen on the road today.  POW plates began in 1982 and are still being issued today with only minor changes.  I do believe that there was a series of these plates with PRISONER OF WAR on top, and PENNSYLVANIA on the bottom, for which I have no information.  If anyone does have information or an image, it would be appreciated.  Posted 8/19.


First image of NASCAR 19 Jeremy Mayfield, courtesy of Bruce Bufalini.  This plate was available for the 2004, 2005 and 2006 racing seasons.  It is no longer issued but is still a valid plate.  Posted 8/18.



Added image of MOTORCYCLE VANITY plate on visitPA base.  Posted 8/17.





This low numbered SCHOOL BUS plate image was provided by Clayton Moore.  The plate has a permanent validation sticker.  I know there are several PA plate collectors out there who know stickers.  Would this plate have been used on a municipally owned school bus?   Posted 8/14. UPDATE — Eric Butler indicates that the permanent sticker was used on a school district owned bus.  Posted 8/15.


In looking thru my CLASSIC MOTORCYCLE plate images, I noticed that the left plate in the 0100 series uses a narrower font for the PENNA legend than later plates.  I have images in the 0200, 0300 and 0400 series and only the 0100 series uses the narrower font.  Not sure what the starting point was for this type since I have never seen one of these below 0100.  Also noteworthy on these plates is the use of the state outline.  This has been discontinued on full size plates for many years but is retained on several cycle types including ANTIQUE, COLLECTIBLE and MUNICIPAL.  Posted 8/13.


Nick Tsilakis sent this visitPA base AMATEUR RADIO plate image with a -2 suffix.  The -2 indicates that the owner has registered a second vehicle using the same call sign.  I have heard of a -3 plate but never saw one except for a photo.  Posted 8/11.



What's up with this?  Back in May, it appeared that the 'Y' suffix series of the PERSON WITH DISABILITY plates (PD0000Y) was about to be exhausted, far left example.  This series was still on the www base.  Then Nick Tsilakis sent an image of the revised PD plate, now on the visitPA base with the wheelchair and PD in the reversed position.  It appeared that the 'Z' series plates were skipped.  See middle image.  The last two days I spotted 'Z' suffix plates on the visitPA base.  This plate, that was thought not to exist, does in fact exist.  But this raises more questions than answers.  Why would two new versions of the same plate type be out there?  There is no way the 'Z' series was exhausted in several months, even if it did come out a while ago.  It takes about ten months to go entirely through one letter series.  Time will likely provide some additional insight into this mystery.  Posted 8/9, updated 8/10.


Spotted a TAXI plate in the TX-39000 series with a sans serif I.  This further narrows the font changeover point which now is likely to have occurred at TX-38000 or TX-39000.  Posted 8/9.



Added PHILADELPHIA FOLKSONG SOCIETY as new Special Organization plate.  Posted 8/9.




Updated image of 3-digit ANTIQUE HISTORIC CAR plate.  Posted 8/7.




Added WILLOW GROVE VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY as new Special Organization plate.  Posted 8/7.




Received this PRESS PHOTOGRAPHER image from Eric Butler.  This plate is still being issued on the www base and is the current high number.  It is only the 12th plate of this type issued since 2/06; however, I did learn that the starting point for this type was PP00.  Posted 8/5.


First image of SECOND ALARMERS RESCUE SQUAD.  Posted 8/5.




The Greater Pittsburgh Council of the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA announces a new specialty plate.  It appears like you must be a BSA member, not necessarily a member of the Greater Pittsburgh Council.  Posted 8/5.



This is an example of a plate used to indicate that the vehicle has a Farm Vehicle Registration Exemption or Farm Permit.  Pennsylvania allows a registration exemption for certain farm trucks with specific restrictions.  Trucks with the more common FARM TRUCK registrations have fewer restrictions.  Obviously the above plate is not a PennDOT issued plate, nor is it required, but it does reduce being pulled over for having no registration plate.  Vehicles using one of these made-up Farm Permit plates will have a Registration Exemption sticker near the driver's door.  Posted 8/3.


Updated image of OFFICIAL USE plate.  This plate is also close to the current posted high for this type.  Official Use plates are used on Commonwealth Owned vehicles.  Some, but not all, are issued in pairs.  Passenger vehicles generally get 2 plates while commercial types generally receive only one.  These plates are also used on marked State Police vehicles.  Posted 8/3.


Concerning this website, I have split the Archives page in to Archives 2006 and Archives 2007 since the page was getting too long.  Items from this page go to the archives after 30 days.  Posted 8/2.



This 2007 US OPEN GOLF temporary plate was recently auctioned.  Sorry for the image but it was wearing a frame which I cropped out.  The plate is cardboard.  A contributor points out that the word TOURNAMENT is taped over.  The plate probably should have read CHAMPIONSHIP instead.  Posted 8/2.


Added plate data to a number of types ANTIQUE, STREET ROD, TAXI, PRESS PHOTOGRAPHER, MUNICIPAL, OFFICIAL USE.  Most of the data pertains to issue dates and numerical starting points.  As always, additions and corrections are welcome.  Posted 7/31.


Added KEYSTONE STATE CORVETTE CLUB as new pending/proposed plate type provided by Greg Gervasio.  This is not a final prototype.  It is likely that the 20000C/C plate coding will change since that is already in use by another organization.  Posted 7/28.


Updated image of this Type 5 STATE REPRESENTATIVE plate.  These plates seem more scarce in recent years, possibility due to security concerns, contempt for politicians, etc.   Please note, the use of Type 5 (or other type number) is my arbitrary designation of the plate to distinguish it from other plate format variations.  Posted 7/25.


While looking at some older DISABLED VETERAN plates in my collection, and several images of newer plates, it was apparent that I had not included the changeover of plate design from one with stickers wells on the upper left and right corners, to the now more familiar single well on the lower left.  This addition adds another type variation to the DISABLED VETERAN series, making a total of six.  I still need some data or images to pinpoint a couple of the changeover points.  Posted 7/24.


Spotted this SEVERELY DISABLED VETERAN plate and snapped this not-so-great image.  But more importantly, it establishes the transition point from the Type 1 (PENNSYLVANIA on top and DISABLED VETERAN on bottom) to the Type 2 (DISABLED VETERAN on top and PENNSYLVANIA on bottom).  This plate should not be confused with the DISABLED VETERAN plate which has the same plate legend but is missing the handicap symbol.  Severely Disabled Veteran plates are also in the 80000 series whereas Disabled Veteran plates are under 35000.   Posted 7/23.


Updated image of Type 2 MOTORCYCLE DEALER plate.  Posted 7/22.





Updated image of TRAILER DEALER plate.  Posted.7/22





At least in PA, MOTORCYCLE VANITY plates are not as common as passenger vanities, and motorcycle vanities with 1, 2 or 3 characters are even more unusual.  Posted 7/22.




Added 06 and 08 ATV Validation Stickers.  These are issued by DCNR or the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.  Posted 7/21.



Updated data on MOTOR HOME Type 1 and Type 2 plates.  Plate spotted today establishes the end point for Type 1 at HG-05999, and the start of Type 2 at HG-06000.  The difference in the two types if the font used for the tag legend.  Posted 7/21.



First image of a NASCAR 43 Bobby Labonte plate.  This plate type was in production for the 2006 racing season only.  There's also a NASCAR 18 Bobby Labonte plate, which was issued during the 2004 and 2005 racing seasons.   Posted 7/16.

Thank you to Steve Ondik for correcting my earlier post.


Replaced the previous image with this much better image of a GOLD STAR FAMILY plate.  This series started at G/S/F0001.  To my knowledge there was no reserve issue and general issue as was done with several other recent issue military plates.  Posted 7/16.


First image of a NASCAR 16 Greg Biffle plate.  This plate type was in production for the 2004, 2005 and 2006 racing seasons, but was discontinued for 2007.  Posted 7/16.



This yellow-on-blue Keystone State PASSENGER VANITY is still in use, sporting an 07 validation sticker.  Image was sent by Bruce Bufalini.  Posted 7/16.



Received information today from Nick Tsilakis that he spotted OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM plate 00096I/F.  This seems to confirm that in spite of the apparent start up point of 00100I/F, and just like the VETERAN plates, there was a reserve issue on these plate starting at 00001I/F.  My guess is that this those who sponsored the legislative bill got to give out the low numbered 'reserve' plates.  This should also apply to OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM plates as well.  Posted 7/11.


A couple of CLASSIC CAR plate items to report.  First, Bruce Bufalini provided this early low number plate image.  Bruce also sent me an image of a 49000 series plate which prompted a correction on the Type 4 ending point and Type 5 starting point.  This also points out that the Type 5 run was only 1000 plates.  Lastly some of the recently issued plates have validation stickers.  Both Bruce and I have confirmed these validated plates.  They are now listed as Type 8.  Thanks for the help Bruce and check out Bruce Bufalini's License Plate and Windshield Sticker Website.  Posted 7/8.


Updated this type variation of SEVERELY DISABLED VETERAN plate — not the greatest image but at least this one has no ugly frame.  Unfortunately this plate has not helped to close the gap as to when the changeover occurred of reversing PENNSYLVANIA at the top and DISABLED VETERAN on the bottom.  Layout information on a plate in the D/V87000 range is still needed to answer this question.  Posted 7/8.


Updated the most current style of DISABLED VETERAN plates.  This number will also be submitted as the current high, but I'm sure there are higher plates in use.  Also five (5) type variations of this plate have been identified, not to be confused with SEVERELY DISABLED VETERAN.  I am still in need of plate data to firm up when certain changes took place.  If anyone has any plates in the DV-24000 range please contact me as I need plate format information.  Thanks.  Posted 7/3.


Updated both types of SCHOOL BUS plates on the www base.  The two types refers to the difference in tag line fonts.  I took a portion of the plate legend of both plates and combined them into a single image for comparison.  This change likely occurred at SC-5000 or SC-6000.  Click it to enlarge.  Posted 6/30/2007.


Added this prototype image of new special organization plate - LIMERICK FIRE COMPANY.  This plate uses a leading 1 to differentiate between it and The Mario Lemieux Foundation plate which also uses the suffix LF.  The Plate Coding Page has also been updated to reflect this addition.  Posted 6/28.


New alpha-numeric series of ATV plates with alpha character now in the third space from right.  First series was 0000A, next  series was 000A0, with most current being 00A00.  DCNR stands for Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the issuing agency for ATV and snowmobile registrations.  Posted 6/26.


Updated image of ATV Class 2 plate. A Class 2 ATV is a motorized off-highway vehicle, which travels on three or more inflatable tires and has a width which exceeds 50 inches or a dry weight which exceeds 800 pounds.



Updated image of U.S. ARMY RESERVE plate.  Posted 6/25.




This DISABLED VETERAN plate has helped to narrow down the transition where the tag legend PENNSYLVANIA on the top and DISABLED VETERAN on the bottom were switched.  I need information or an image of a plate in the DV-24000 series to complete this effort.  Posted 6/25.


A pictorial history of STREET ROD plates.  According to the ALPCA archives these plates came out in 1983, but according to the PA Vehicle Code the date was July of 1981.  For once I'll side with the state.

TYPE 1: 0000S/R to 3999S/R

The legend Pennsylvania and STREET ROD use a bold font unlike Type 3 below.  The top red stripe is thinner than the bottom one.  Actually the red stripes on the earliest plate don't extend to the right plate border.  It is not known if this is part of the earliest format or something peculiar to this plate.  Some plates have validation stickers.

TYPE 2: 4000S/R to 4999S/R

Pennsylvania and STREET ROD continue to use a bold font.  Both red stripes are now the same thickness but don't extend to the border.  Most plates use validation stickers.

TYPE 3: 5000S/R to current high which is 5416S/R

Pennsylvania and STREET ROD have been changed to a lighter weight font.  The top red stripe is again thinner than the bottom one and extends to the border.  Almost all plates have validation stickers.

Posted 6/24.


HARLEY OWNERS GROUP (HOG) #1 sent in by Captain Ian Bogle, Erie Municipal Airport Authority.  Posted 6/24.




And more CLASSIC CAR data.  On Saturday evening my wife and I went out for supper.  The place we went just happened to be having a classic car show.  Honestly, I didn't plan this.  Anyway, I snapped a couple of not-so-good images.  The image quality in this case was not my goal, but rather this plate helped fill in the last piece of the puzzle on CLASSIC CAR plates.  This plate helps establish that the shift from Type 4 to Type 5 took place at 49000.  Posted 6/24.


Plate Trivia — Concerning older CLASSIC CAR plates which are still in use.  Over the long run of these plates, I, along with help from other contributors, have identified 7 format changes, and with each change I have attempted to establish a numerical point at which the changes took place. I spotted a couple of plates today which helped narrow down where the transition from PENNSYLVANIA on top and CLASSIC CAR on the bottom (Type 3), to CLASSIC CAR on top and PENNSYLVANIA (Type 4) on the bottom took place.  It appears that plates from 21000 to 39499 had PENNSYLVANIA on top and CLASSIC CAR on bottom.  Plate 39014 has PENNSYLVANIA on top, while plate 39637 has PENNSYLVANIA on the bottom.  Other format shifts of this plate type appear to have occurred on the thousand mark and not the 500 point as seen here.  Posted 6/23.


Added these 1986, 1987 and 1988 sample images of KEYSTONE STATE GAMES Special Event plates from Paul Bagnarol.  Posted 6/23.


Added these 1992, and 1994 APPLE FESTIVAL sample plate images from Paul Bagnarol.  Posted 6/23.



Added this VALLEY FORGE COUNCIL, BSA, 1985, Special Event plate from Paul Bagnarol.  Posted 6/23.




At first glance this might look like an ordinary cycle plate, but then the letter/number series would be out of place on the visitPA base.  The visitPA base began at PAA.  In addition there is a space between the BSA and the 68.  And the BSA suggests some connection with the bike of the same name.  So I have classed this plate as a VANITY.  Thanks to Bruce Bufalini for contributing the image.  Posted 6/18.


Updated image of APPORTIONED TRUCK plate.  (There is also an Apportioned Bus series.) This is a very low number plate as this series on the www base began with AE-00000.  The current high on this type is somewhere in the AF-47000 series and still not on the visitPA base.  Posted 5/17.


Updated image of PERMANENT TRAILER on visitPA base.  Posted 5/17.




Two interesting CLASSIC CAR images provided by Bruce Bufalini.  The far left shows the current high number, but with a never-before-seen validation sticker on this plate type.  The near left image is a low number for this type which began at 10000 or 10001.  Posted 6/16.


Added this 1987 KEYSTONE STATE GAMES plate image provided by Timothy O'Connor.  Posted 6/15.




Updated image of ALBRIGHT COLLEGE plate.  Posted 6/12.




Updated KOREAN WAR VETERAN sample image.  Posted 6/10.




This pair of slightly different NASCAR 29 Kevin Harvick prototype plates seems to span multiple racing seasons.  Steve Ondik suggests that the near left plate may be for the 2007 season while the far left is for previous seasons.  There is an image of an early version of an actual plate in the Image Gallery, but none so far the newer style.  Posted 6/5.


Added these two images of KEYSTONE STATE GAMES special event plates from 1989 and 1990.  Posted 6/4.



Added this 1963 GOVERNOR'S INAUGURATION image to the Special Event Plates.  It is my understanding that this was the first year for inaugural plates.  Posted 6/3.



Spotted the SEVERELY DISABLED VETERAN plate on the far left and noted that the top and bottom plate legends were reversed from the earlier plate.  This is believed to be a formatting shift rather than an error; and the change likely took place at D/V87000 or D/V88000.  Plate D/V86741 is known to follow the original formatting as the plate on the near left.  Posted 6/3.


Spotted another A suffix PERSON WITH DISABILITY plate shown on near left.  I was expecting it to have same larger wheelchair symbol and PD as the plate on the far left.  It appears that the changeover to the smaller symbol and PD took place prior to the B suffix as was previously suggested.  Note the plate on the far left is near the beginning (0270) of the series with the A suffix, while the other plate is in the 9000 series.  Previously I posted an image in the 2000 series that also used the large symbol and PD font.  So for now I'll go out on a limb and suggest that the changeover occurred at the PD5000A point.  Posted 6/1.


This CONRAIL HISTORICAL SOCIETY image represents a new Pending/Proposed specialty plate, from Steve Ondik.  Posted 5/30.



Plate Trivia — Information received from Nick Tsilakis helps to narrow down the point where there was a plate legend font change on the SCHOOL BUS plates.  The changeover from the wider font to the narrower font took place either at SC-05000 or SC-06000.  These font differences are subtle, and are best seen by viewing the plates or images together, but nonetheless they do delineate the history of the plate type.  Posted 5/29.


This is a rehash of a 5/17 posting with an updated image.  The images show that the earliest PERSON WITH DISABILITY plate on the far left uses a larger, bolder symbol and the letteres PD are also taller.  This difference is seen only in the A suffix series.  All subsequent plates (except those on the visitPA base) follow the formatting of the near left image with the X suffix.  Posted 5/28.


The following information was received from Steve Ondik. "On your site you state that NASCAR 99 Carl Edwards plates were available with either the 99 in green or in red. The difference should be the racing/issue year. In 2005 they should be green as he drove the 99 car sponsored by Scott's Lawn care and the car was green and white. In 2006, the sponsorship changed to Office Depot and the car colors changed to red and white."  Posted 5/28.


Plate Trivia — Concerning older CLASSIC CAR plates, I spotted a plate which helped narrow down where the transition from PENNSYLVANIA on top and CLASSIC CAR on the bottom to CLASSIC CAR on top and PENNSYLVANIA on the bottom took place.

Also spotted another new visitPA base EMERGENCY VEHICLE plate in the EV-30000 series.  This is the second such seen in the 30000 (EV-30522) range.  This plate had a 7-07 validation sticker unlike all plates in the 50000 series which consistently have 1-08 stickers.  The previous one spotted had a 2-07 sticker.  I now have a theory that the plates in the 30000 series are on vehicles that required validation stickers in the past such as those belonging to private ambulance companies, or a fire chief's personal vehicle.  Posted 5/27.


Updated images of both the PEARL HARBOR SURVIVOR plate and the sample version.  Posted 5/25.



First image of a PERSON WITH DISABILITY plate on the visitPA base.  Note also that the PD and wheelchair symbol have been moved to the suffix position.  As of 5/24/07 it appears that the Z suffix series of these plates on the www base was skipped.  Highest previously reported number was PD7968Y.  I was at PennDOT headquarters three weeks ago and saw the stack of PD that plates were being issued.  They were still issuing plates in the high PD0000Y series.  There is no way that the Z series was exhausted in three weeks.  My guess is that the Z series was skipped — time will tell.  Image was sent by Nick Tsilakis.  Posted 5/24.


First image of THE MARIO LEMIEUX FOUNDATION plate.  Image was sent by Nick Tsilakis.   Posted 5/24.




First image of a PA CHIROPRACTIC PLATE plate.  This plate was partially hidden by the step bumper on a pickup truck, so the image is a little distorted because it was taken from a steep angle in order to get as much of the plate as possible.  Then I skewed the sides to square it up.  Posted 5/23.


Plate Trivia — on COMMONWEALTH OWNED OFFICIAL USE plates.  I have further narrowed down the changeover point where the plates went from a blue-on-white to white-on-blue.  Today I spotted a white-onblue PA-56xxx plate.  This suggests that the changeover took place between PA-53000 and PA-56000.  Posted 5/23.


First image of a U.S. COAST GUARD AUXILIARY plate.  Posted 5/22.




Updated a CLASSIC CAR image and updated plate format data.  Posted 5/22.




Updated the latest formatting variant of the ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE.  This plate also represents the current plate high.  Antique Motorcycle, Classic Motorcycle and Collectible Motorcycle plates are the only types still issued on the old map base.  Posted 5/21.


First image of EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES plate on the visitPA base.  I'm guessing that the changeover from the www base may have occurred at E/M06000.  Unlike many of the special organization/specialty plates, this plate has retained all of the embossed features of its predecessor, and no flat screening of lettering or logo.  Posted 5/20.


The EMERGENCY VEHICLE plate on the far left seems like the base is wrong or the number is an error since it is in the 30000 series.  I think what actually occurred here is that this plate was issued just before the start of the re-plating.  PennDOT, while still issuing plates in the EV-30000 series, may have run out of the old red bases but still needed to issue plates for newly registered vehicles.  As a result a short run of plates was produced on the visitPA base just prior to the issuing of the new series at EV-50000.  Another indication is the validation sticker of 2/08, while all of the plates beginning with EV-50000 have 1/08 stickers.  This plate was probably issued in February of 2007.  Also spotted plate high EV-60444.  It was a good day for plate spotting at PA Fire Expo.  Posted 5/19.


First image of a CHATHAM COLLEGE plate, courtesy of Ned Flynn.  This is one of only two plates that have been allowed use their website address rather than the name of the organization.  (The other is Kutztown University.) It has also taken a protracted period of time for this plate to finally hit the street.  So far only 70 plates have been sold including those used on college-owned vehicles.  Posted 5/17.


Nick Tsilakis brought to my attention that the earliest series of the PERSON WITH DISABILITY plate (with the A suffix) used a taller font for the PD prefix.  I borrowed the far left image from Bruce Bufalini to show this.  Posted 5/17.


Nick Tsilakis reports seeing a SCHOOL VEHICLE plate (SV18120) on the visitPA base but with a narrow tag line.  At SV17500 the switch was made to the visitPA base, and now at SV18000 the use of the narrower font has returned.  This narrow tag line was also seen on the series SV14000 to SV14499, however, since that time the wide font has been used.  No image yet.  Posted 5/17.


While out with my wife for Morthers Day, I spotted the last piece to the puzzle on OMNIBUS plates.  Plate OB-60410 provided the answer to when the tag line font type changed.  I got a photo but it's got an ugly shadow and not worth posting.  All plate changeover points have now been established.  Posted 5/13.


These are not new images but are shown here to denote the formatting shift in this Commonwealth-Owned Official Use plate type.  These plates are issued in pairs for passenger vehicles and as singles for commercial vehicles.  The far left blue-on-white series was first issued in 1977.  A number of these are still in use.  The white-on-blue version came along in 1984. I have narrowed down this shift from the blue-on-white format to the white-on-blue to between PA-53000 and PA-62000.  If anyone has a plate or an image in this range, the information would be appreciated.  Posted 5/13.


Captured several images of OMNIBUS plates today.  These images, not all of which are displayed on this site, provide clues as to when certain formatting changes took place, for example the far left plate has a serif I in the tag legend, while the near left plate uses a sans serif I.  This may be trivial information but is useful in documenting the progression of the series from its www base starting point at OB-50000 (following the changeover from the yellow-on-blue plates) to the current high above OB-70000 on the visitPA base.  As always, if anyone has a plate that would be useful in further refining the plate groupings, the info is always welcome.  Posted 5/11.


The far left SCHOOL BUS plate image was provided by Eric Butler.  A close comparison of the two plates shows a difference in the tag line fonts — the earlier plate having slightly wider characters.  It is not known at what point this change took place.  This plate type has also switched over to the visitPA base, which can be seen by clicking the above link.  Posted 5/10.


DISCLAIMER — I have numerous links on this website to the Pennsylvania Plate Highs webpage, which is part of the LicensePlates.cc website.  (I regularly contribute to the page myself.)  While this page is a valuable tool for plate enthusiasts, the page also at times contains errors.  The keepers of the page do an excellent job of keeping the posting current but they have no way to verify the data.  Posted 5/9.


First image of a BUS plate on the visitPA base.  This changeover occurred at BA-60000 and now uses the keystone separator.  Posted 5/7.



Updated image of APPORTIONED (Truck) plate.  This plate is also the current plate high for this type.  These plates have not switched over to the visitPA base yet.  Posted 5/7.



Another organizational plate added — HARRISBURG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.  This is now the longest plate legend of any PA plate containing 47 letters and spaces.  Posted 5/7.



Added this image of low numbered MOTORCYCLE plate.  Starting point for these plates was AAA00, so this is the 36th plate to be produced on the www base.  Posted 5/6.



Updated image of RUFFED GROUSE SOCIETY plate.  This is also the current high number for this plate type.  Posted 5/3.



Added this AMATEUR RADIO plate.  It's a short call sign with an out-of-region number — 4.  PA is in Region 3.  Posted 5/2.



RAILS-TO-TRAILS CONSERVANCY gives their plate a facelift.  New version is on visitPA base with flat color screened graphic.  Posted 5/2.



TEMPLE UNIVERSITY ALUMNI gives their plate a facelift.  New version is on visitPA base with flat color screened graphic.  Posted 4/29.



For simplicity and ease of navigation, I have combined the Spacial Organization plate table and Specialty Plate table into one.  Please let me know if you have any problems navagating or if you see any errors.  Thanks.  Posted 4/29.



DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY gives their plate a facelift.  New version is on visitPA base with flat color screened graphic.  Also updated image of older style sample.  Posted 4/28.



Added this protptype image of a new special organization plate — COMMUNITY ACADEMY OF PHILADELPHIA.  Posted 4/27.



Another special organization plate added — 32 MASONIC LEARNING CENTERS FOR CHILDREN.  Posted 4/27.




Finally acquired a half decent image of a PERMANENT-TRAILER plate on a visitPA base.  This changeover took place after the PT-0000K series on the www base was exhausted.  I first spotted one of these almost a month ago in moving traffic.  Like other plates that have made this transition, the larger keystone has replaced the dash separator.  Posted 4/24.


This image completes the EMERGENCY VEHICLE series.  Six plate type variations have been identified starting with the earliest red-on-white issue, up thru the recent switchover to the visitPA base.  This particular image on the left is part of the EV-17000 to EV-23999 series.  The sticker well was added at EV-17000 and at EV-24000, the tag line was pluralized to EMERGENCY VEHICLES.  All type variations are currently in use, at least until the transition is complete.  Posted 4/24.


Moved CIVIL AIR PATROL from Pending/Proposed to Special Organization section on 4/22/07.




First image of this CORVETTE CLUB OF DELAWARE VALLEY plate.  In fact this is the first plate.  Posted 4/21.




This isn't the sort of thing I normally post, but this isn't the sort of thing one normally sees in a residential community.  I thought this was novel even though I have contempt for the notion that perfectly collectible plates should be turned into purses!  Posted 4/21.




This is an older style ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE sample plate image.  The newer sample has wider hole spacing and the letters SAMP are centered.  Posted 4/20.



Added prototype image of HERITAGE REGION JEEP ALLIANCE as new special organization.  Posted 4/18.




Updated image of NASCAR 9 Kasey Kahne plate.  Posted 4/15.




Living proof that these first generation DISABLED VETERAN plates are still out there, but not many.  I have not seen one of these 4-number plates in several years.  These plates may date back to 1982.  Posted 4/13.



First image of a TALL CEDARS OF LEBANON special organization plate.  Posted 4/9/07.




First image of a SPORTS CAR CLUB OF AMERICA special organization plate.  Posted 4/4.




I have been attempting for some time to figure out how BUS plates have been issued.  The mystery has finally been solved.  When PA re-plated back in 2000, all existing bus plates were reissued on a plate for plate basis.  These included anything between BA-10000 to BA-47999; however, the replacement plates, in the BA10000 to BA47900 series, now on the www base, did not use the dash separator.  Plates issued since that time have dash separators and started at BA-48000.  Currently the high is in the BA-61000 series and is now on the visitPA base.  No picture yet.  This still does not explain the continued use of a few older yellow-on-blue bus plates.  Posted 4/3.



Updated image of MUNICIPAL plate sent in by Eric Butler.  This the most current style of this plate type with an alpha suffix.  Posted 3/25.



Replaced another yellow-on-blue PENN STATE ALUMNI ASSN plate image with this one provided by Jim McDevitt.  Plate is wearing a 12-07 validation sticker.  Posted 4/1.



It appears that PA has scaled back their NASCAR plate program for the 2007 racing season.  The program began in 2004 with 33 plates, then in 2005 there were 34, and for 2006 there were 32.  Now for 2007 there will only be 10 types available.  It seems like the more popular plates were spared.  The following group survived the cuts: Victory Junction, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Legacy, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick, Richard Petty Historic, and Jimmie Johnson.  They won't release production numbers but as of 12/31/2005 there were 3,581 NASCAR/Victory Junction plates registered.  Posted 3/31.


Added this prototype image of 82nd AIRBORNE DIVISION ASSN as new special organization plate type.  Posted 3/29.




Added this prototype image of PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF PA as new special organization plate type.  Posted 3/29.




First image of a PA CHOOSE LIFE plate, sent in by Glen Pomygalski.  Posted 3/27.




Updated image of this unusual WATERCRAFT TRAILER/DEALER plate.  This is definately one of the tougher types as this is only the second one of these I have seen.  To the best of my knowledge these were first issued in the 1990s starting with WD00000, and I'm guessing that with the re-plating, the www series started at WD00500.  If anyone has more information on this type I will gladly post it.  Posted 3/26.


The PERMANENT TRAILER plate is now on the visitPA base.  It appears that the changeover occurred after the PT-9999K series was exhausted.  Sorry 'bout the image, it was taken at 65 MPH on the PA Turnpike through the front windshield.  Posted 3/26.


Updated image of AUTISM SOCIETY OF AMERICA plate.  Posted 3/26.




Updated image of MUNICIPAL plate sent in by Eric Butler.  These plates were issued from about 1977 to 1984 and then the colors were reversed.  In spite of their vintage, there are many of these plates still in use.  Posted 3/25.



Plate Trivia:  On OMNIBUS plates, noted a plate on the OB-59000 series that had a serif I in the tag legend.   Previously it was believed that all plates fron the starting point of OB-50000 up to OB-63999 used a sans serif I.  Posted 3/25.



Another image of the new EMERGENCY VEHICLE plate.  I've seen several of these new plates, all in the EV-5000 to EV-52000 range.  This seems to confirm the starting point as being EV-50000.  I can also confirm that there are no replacement FD plates, all fire trucks that previously had FD plates are getting EV plates.  All new plates have 1/08 validation stickers even though they may be fee exempt.  Posted 3/20.


Added sample image of CIVIL AIR PATROL plate.  This is an indication that this plate is getting closer to production.  Posted 3/17.



Updated MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT official plate image.  Sent in by Eric Butler.  Posted 3/14/07.




First image of new EMERGENCY VEHICLE plate.  Sent in by Rob Konig.  PennDOT is in the process of replacing all EV plates.  The replacement plates are now on the visitPA base, have an EV prefix, numbers and tag line in red.  Also new tags use a keystone separator. Posted 3/14.


It appears that there are at least 4 different POW Sample plates that have been issued over the years.  Posted 3/12.







Continuing to update sample images to make thumbnails enlargeable.  These include COMBAT WOUNDED VETERAN / PURPLE HEART (no longer current), DISABLED VETERAN and EXPEDITIONARY FORCES.  Posted 3/7/07.


Added this nice AMATEUR RADIO plate image on the visitPA base.  It's not easy getting a clean plate in PA this time of year.   I believe Hams refer to these as 2-letter calls, referring to the XG, since the first two letters, N3 in this case, is a given.  Posted 3/1.


I saw this plate when I was leaving a Mexican restaurant.  At first I thought the tequila was kicking in but in spite of the Corvette Club logo, and masking off the visitPA plate legend, I believe this is just a PASSENGER VANITY.  Posted 3/1.



Update on replacement of EMERGENCY VEHICLE (EV) and FIRE DEPARTMENT (FD) plates.  The replacement plates will be on the visitPA base, have an EV prefix, with the EV and the numbers in red.  Posted 3/1.



First image of the redesigned LEHIGH UNIVERSITY ALUMNI plate.  Posted 2/28.




This PENNSYLVANIA front plate image was sent by Eric Butler.  Does anyone know the significance or use of this plate?  It's very similar to the OFFICIAL USE ONLY image posted 2/24.  Posted 2/26.



PennDOT has sent letters out to emergency service organizations such as fire departments and EMS providers announcing an upcoming replacement of all EMERGENCY VEHICLE (EV) and FIRE DEPARTMENT (FD) registration plates.  This is expected to begin in February.  Right now many fire departments have a mixture of older FD plates, which are no longer issued, and EV plates.   It is not known if the new plates will continue with the traditional white-on-red colors or switch to the now familiar visitPA base.  Posted 2/24.


Added this OFFICIAL USE ONLY front plate to the Special Event and Official Front Plates page.  This plate was used on Commonwealth owned vehicles prior to the issuance of two plates.  There was also a blue-on-yellow version of this plate.  Posted 2/24.


Updated data on COMMONWEALTH OWNED - OFFICIAL USE ONLY plates which narrows down the point where the plates switched from blue-on-white to white-on-blue format.  Posted 2/24.



Continuing to update sample images to make them enlargeable.  These include CIRCUS-CARNIVAL TRUCK, HEARING IMPAIRED, MOTORCYCLE and PERSON WITH DISABILITY.  Posted 2/22.


I am beginning the process of replacing thumbnail images that could not be enlarged, with those that can, beginning with ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE, COLLECTIBLE VEHICLE and STREET ROD.  Posted 2/21.


Updated information on the ANTIQUE VEHICLE plate: According to Steve Moskowitz, the holder of plate A00A, the graphic is a 1920 Oldsmobile Model 37 Roadster which had been restored by Steve in 1985.  The picture had the emblems removed by Photoshop.  Posted 2/21. 


Received this MUNICIPAL plate image from Eric Butler, along with information which suggests that the changeover from the blue-on-white to white-on-blue format took place at MG-90000.  There are still quite a few of these blue-on-white plates in use.  Posted 2/21.


Received this DARE sample image from Eric Butler. (I still have a number of sample images on this website that are only thumbnails.  The reason for this is that with my previous web hosting account I was limited to 50 megs.  Now I have much more space available but have not gotten around to posting larger images.  Soon I will update many samples.)  Posted 2/21.


Official Front Plates have been consolidated into one location and the term "Booster" has been discontinued.

I have also updated some minor data on Disabled Veteran plates which helps to narrow down the changeover points.  Posted 2/20.



Added image of DEBORAH GRAND OES-PHA prototype.  This is not a new type, but this is the first image of a prototype I have gotten.  There is an image of an actual plate at the link above.  Posted 2/18.



The first image is a CLARION UNIVERSITY sample plate with an embossed logo on the www base.  This sample was produced while CU was attempting to get their plate program up and running.  In the meantime the new graphic style plates came along, so by the time they got their program off the ground they had switched to the newer graphic style on the visitPA base.  As far as I know there were no CU plates produced on the www base.  Posted 2/18.


Added image of PRESQUE ISLE PARTNERSHIP sample plate.  Image provided by Pauli Bagnarol.  Posted 2/11.




Added image of DELAWARE RIVER PORT AUTHORITY Official Front Plate to Special Event and Official Front Plate page.  I don't believe these are still in use.  Posted 2/11.



This high-numbered 2007 GOVERNOR'S INAUGURATION plate actually has a validation sticker and was observed in use on a vehicle on 2/3.  Posted 2/6.



First image of DICKINSON COLLEGE plate following a facelift.  Posted 2/6.




Image of FLYERS WIVES CHARITIES sample was sent in by Eric Butler.  This plate was spotted on a trailers.  Posted 2/4.



Image of a THE MARIO LEMIEUX FOUNDATION sample was provided by Paul Bagnarol.  Posted 2/4.




Two new plate related bills have recently been introduced in the state legislature.  The first, House Bill 172, deals with miscellaneous motor vehicle business plates including Repair Towing (RS), Salvage Yards (WL), Transporter (DT), Repossessor (RE) and Watercraft Trailer Business (WD).  This legislation would authorize an additional plate to be issued for the automotive detailing and cosmetic grooming business.

The second bill, House Bill 174, would authorize the creation of a special plate for veterans and members of United States military airborne units and for military airborne parachutist and glider units.

These bills are now in the senate transportation committee awaiting further action.  This committee is also where many plate related bills die.  Posted 2/3.


Added prototype image of new CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY plate to list of Special Organizations.  Posted 1/29.




First image of PURDUE UNIVERSITY plate.  Unfortunately darkness, reflectivity and a digital camera combined to make this image kind of poor.  Posted 1/28.



Added image to Special Event Plates of this 83rd US Open - Oakmont CC plate from 1983.  This plate recently drew a fair amount of interest at an on-line auction.  Posted 1/28.



Added another image of 2007 GOVERNOR'S INAUGURATION plate.  Posted 1/27.




As a point of information, I have moved RUFFED GROUSE SOCIETY and PA CHOOSE LIFE plates from Specialty to Special Organization as both plates require membership to obtain.  Posted 1/26.


Updated prototype image of CIVIL AIR PATROL.  This is likely the final prototype before this plate goes into production.  The CP designation has been moved from prefix to suffix position.  Posted 1/25.



Added image of 2007 GOVERNOR'S INAUGURATION sample plate from Howard Cutler.  These plate were produced by MVLS not PA Correctional Industries.  A limited number of these were issued as official plates for the recent inauguration, i.e. #1 for the Governor and # 2 for the Lt. Governor, etc.  Posted 1/25.


Added prototype image of new U.S. COAST GUARD AUXILIARY plate to list of Special Organizations.  Posted 1/23.




This is a graphic depiction of a COLLECTIBLE MOTORCYCLE plate.  While the image was produced with some computer wizardry it is an accurate reflection of the plate type.  The plates began with CM000, CM001, etc.  This is PA's rarest MC plate with fewer than 60 being issued so far.  This plate is a companion to the COLLECTIBLE VEHICLE plate, and is part of the Antique, Classic and Collectible series.  Posted 1/23.


PennDOT switched FIRE FIGHTER plates over to the visitPA base at (or about) FF36000.  Meanwhile Eric Butler reports seeing a couple of fire fighter plates in the low 36000 series still on the www base.  He thinks one of the plate was in the 363xx range.  Plate FF36109 is confirmed to be on the visitPA base.  The other thing he reports is that these plates used the smaller Maltese cross and tag legend.  We're thinking that possibly a few of the www bases got into the mix somehow.  Posted 1/23.


It appears that EMERGENCY VEHICLE plates below EV-17000 don't have sticker wells and those from that point forward have them.  I don't have a decent image to confirm this yet, but have revised this section of the image gallery to reflect this information.  Posted 1/23.


On 1/19 I received an email from Jay Hughes stating that had had recently seen a new PA Governor's Inauguration plate.  The Governor's inauguration did take place earlier this week.  He described it as using the standard current color format "with the 'cutout' to look like the state of PA".  I'm not sure what that means.  Anyway, I did contact the Governor's Office and the call taker claimed to know nothing of the plate.  Anyone have more information on this plate?  Posted 1/20/07.


Added PA SOCIETY SONS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION as a new Special Organization plate type.  Posted 1/15.




Added THE MARIO LEMIEUX FOUNDATION as a new Specialty plate type.  Posted 1/15.




Added OAKMONT FIRE COMPANY as a new Special Organization plate type.  Over the past several months there has been a proliferation of emergency services plates, especially fire companies.  Considering that PA has some 2500 fire companies, this could just be the start.  Posted 1/14.


Updated prototype of PA CHOOSE LIFE plate and moved plate type from Pending/Proposed to Specialty Plate section.  This updated prototype now has the C/L in the suffix position, instead of the previous prefix location.  Posted 1/14.



Updated SHADY SIDE ACADEMY prototype.  There is also a coding change from the previous prototype.  The 00000S/A format is already in use by the SECOND ALARMERS RESCUE SQUAD, so Shady Side will use 10000S/A.  This also suggests a number allocation block of 10,000 instead of the more traditional 20,000.  Posted 1/14.


This is an image of the first standard issue PASSENGER plate on the visitPA base.  Posted 1/12.




Updated FIRE FIGHTER plate image.  Plates FF36000 and beyond are on the visitPA base.  Posted 1/12.




Updated image of FRANKLIN & MARSHALL COLLEGE plate.  Posted 1/12.





Spotted on the roadMASS TRANSIT plate M/T30045.  This is the lowest number seen on this plate type and helps support the belief that the starting point on the www base was probably M/T30000.  Also spotted APPORTIONED truck plate high AF-44232, still on the www base.  Posted 1/12.



Updated image of PRESQUE ISLE PARTNERSHIP plate.  This is also the current plate high.  Posted 1/11.





There are probably hundreds of great license plate websites.  I do not have the time or the resources to put together an extensive list, but I have listed of a number of worthwhile sites that have Pennsylvania pages or components.  Eventually I will place these on their own page.  Posted 1/7.

http://www.ricksplates.com/ — Rick Kretschmer has an extensive Pennsylvania page with lots of images and history.

http://www.licenseplates.cc/highs.php?where=PA  — The License Plates.cc site keeps a running list of plate highs numbers and new issues.

http://www.plateshack.com/y2k/index.html  — The License Plate Shack Y2K Page.  Scroll down to the Pennsylvania pages.

http://www.geocities.com/milk11364/  — Paulie Bagnarol has an amazing list of sample plates

http://www.worldlicenceplates.com/usa/US_PAXX.html  — Michael Kustermann's has a worthwhile Pennsylvania page.

http://www.15q.net/pa.html — David Nicholson also has a pictorial page with lots of information.

http://www.bufs-plates.com/  — Bruce Bufalini has some great plate images and a pictorial history of windshield stickers.


Added these two 1971 GOVERNOR'S INAUGURATION plates to the Special Events page.  I'm not sure where these image came from, but if I have somehow used a plate image which belongs to you, please let me know and I will give you credit for the image, or remove it.  Posted 1/4.


Added image of SENATE STAFF booster plate from Bob Connison.  Posted 1/2/07.





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