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John McDevitt and Jordan Irazabal


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NOTE: a number of the plates on this page are conceptual plans that never get beyond the drawing board.  Others quickly move forward and go into production.


Below is a listing of pending / proposed plates

as of the dates shown.

Adopt A Greyhound

Type added 8/30/15




EZ-ID plate proposed by State Representative Mike Regan.  Link to article. Article published 8/28/14.


United States Olympic

with Olympic Committee Logo

Act 109 signed by Governor 7/2/14, plates should have been available 10/30/14.  Latest word is that the Olympic Committee did not give permission to PennDOT to produce the plate.


No image available



Special Fund

Wild & Wonderful

Don't go out and try to buy one. Sorry, they're not in our future, but wouldn't it be nice if PA would curb their obsession with making every plate look like every other plate. These early Wild and Beautiful prototypes were provided by fellow ALPCA member Alan Iversen. I don't know much about these plates, but I'm sure they would be a welcome choice for many.

from Alan Iversen

from Alan Iversen







The list below represents plate types where there has been no apparent action for well over a year.


These are conceptual images were produced by Mike Emody.






all from Mike Emody


Emerald Society

Type posted 8/24/08



Emergency Vehicle

This is a conceptual image produced by Mike Emody.



    all from Mike Emody


German-American Police Association

Type posted 4/7/05

E-Mail Link

from Allen Minch


Gold Wing Road Riders Association


Information Link



Grundsow Lodge

A conceptual idea that was proposed to the members of Grundsow Lodge Nummer Ains around 2005.  Response to the proposal was disappointing.


Lima Fire Company

20000"L/F" Type added 10/27/2009, then moved back to pending 12/26/10.

Lima is undergoing a merger into what's been named the Rocky Run Fire Co, so chances are this plate will never be produced.  Info updated 12/30/2012



These are conceptual images were produced by Mike Emody.





    all from Mike Emody


See article from The Patriot News on a bill introduced into the legislature to create a "patriot" license plate to raise funds to buy body armor and other equipment for Pennsylvania National Guard soldiers sent to Iraq.

This plate will never make an appearance as shown

Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society

Type added 4/3/11


St. Joseph's Prep




Volkswagen Club of America

Information Link


No image available


Volvo Club of America

Type added 6/23/13

Plate program discontinued as of 10/13.

from Ryan Battin

Is your college or organization planning to sponsor a special organization or specialty plate? Please let me know and I'll add it to the list.




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